11 Places To Visit In Goa: Beyond Beaches And Shores

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
places to visit in Goa beyond beaches

They say impromptu plans are the best. One sure knows the pain of “Jyada dhindora peetne se Goa ka plan cancel hojata hai”. Which literally translates to “ If you talk about it a lot, your Goa plans are doomed”. But those who still believe in planning well ahead in time are in for a treat. Haven’t picked a holiday destination yet? Well, then Goa is the right place for you. Why? For one, there are countless beautiful places to visit in Goa. For two, there are incredible offers on almost everything including flights and accommodation. There can never be a better time than now to explore the goodness of Goa. Everyone’s heading there for a break and you should too. A perfect destination for a bunch of friends or passionate lovers who want to spend some quality time together. For those who love exotic places, Goa has some surprises for you. Visit Goa and leave all your worries behind. Don’t forget to save on your trip expenses using travel coupons.

The Goa Tourism is unbelievably captivating and you can experience its pristine form all year long. Want to explore something new in Goa and not just visit the beaches you have been to multiple times already? Well, it’s time to pack your bags and get ready to have a terrific time at Goa.

The streets in Goa have hues of green and blue when it rains. This sight makes it a perfect destination for lovers. Goa is sure known for its beaches and party life but this serene view is definitely worth watching. A trip to Goa might be your ultimate rejuvenation therapy. A session that will soothe your nerves and calm you. Walking on the beaches with silent drizzles will help you have that alone time. A moment when you can reconnect with yourself.

Things To Do In Goa During Monsoons

Being a magnet for tourists, Goa is a blissful haven to tiny celebrations, but it still has many shades which are unexplored. No matter what time of the year to choose to come to Goa, it will offer you an experience worthy of your time and money. Let’s get into those slimy lanes with ancient-Portuguese architecture. We bet you’d love to know what Goa offers to you beyond the beaches and shores.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the brass tacks.

Here are the 11 places to visit in Goa,

Excluding all the beaches or shores!

1. Mesmerising Forts

places to visit in goa fort aguada

Oh yes. You’ll be thankful to the Portuguese for this wondrous sight. Get to re-create your own “Dil Chahta Hai” pose at Fort Chapora. You can trek up to Chapora fort and en route take glimpse of Vagator. With clouds passing over your head, one sure is to look up. Do take a stick along on your trek to get a grip on your path. Stay at Taj Aguada and enjoy the view that the fort alongside the hotel provides.

2. Lush Green Wildlife Sanctuaries

places to visit in goa wildlife sanctuary

Some of the best places in Goa are exquisite. The parks and sanctuaries are usually lush green after a good rain. Animal lovers are in for a joy, the park is a perfect place to take your pet along. If you’re a wildlife photographer, Goa can be your arena this monsoon. So, put on those canvas shoes or rain boots and explore Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. If not Mhadei wildlife sanctuary, you can always go to Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. These are some of the must visit places in goa and you better take your camera along for you might actually spot the great Bengal Tiger and some exotic migratory birds.

3. Dudhsagar Falls

places to visit in goa dudhsagar falls

If you find waterfalls mesmerizing and if you indeed are enchanted by them then take time to explore some of the waterfalls in Goa. You sure are bound to have an unforgettable experience at Dudhsagar Falls for the trek to this place will leave you spellbound. This waterfall is called Dudhsagar for it appears as though milk and not water is flowing down. The best way to travel to this place is by train. As the train crosses Castle Rock, you will catch the view of the lovely waterfall. A breath of fresh air and cool breeze will pass by you. You sure will feel more closer to nature. The best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls is monsoon when this waterfall is at its full might. So go ahead and visit the waterfalls near Goa and pick your best.

4. Sahakari Spice Plantation

places to visit in goa spice garden

There are countless ways to stay closer to nature or get a view of the serene views at Goa. The spice plantations in Goa are definitely worth your time, for each one of them is special in its own way. Refreshing, pristine, lush green is exactly the right set of words one would use to describe the Sahakari spice plantation. Try out the spices here, buy some and take the flavour of Goa with you when you return home. Situated among tropical forests and verdant valleys, this place makes it to the list of top 11 places to visit in Goa.

5. Fertility Feast of St. John the Baptist

places to visit in goa sao joao festival

The vibrant Sao Joao festival is the heart of Goa’s culture. Known as the Fertility Feast of Saint John the Baptist, it is celebrated in June every year. The festival enlivens the spirit of Goa (retrieving Feni).

6. Bonderam Festival & Damodar Saptah

places to visit in goa bonderam festival

Bonderam is one of the most colorful monsoon festivals in Goa that you would never want to miss. It’s a euphoria to attend it on Divar Island. The Damodar Saptah is another festival that lasts for 7 days and is held during the monsoon season. The shoppers are in for a treat as there are plenty of shopping stalls spread across during this festive occasion. This is the time of the year when Goa’s colourful flea markets truly come to life.

7. Goan Fish Curry: Martin’s Corner

places to visit in goa goan fish

Martin’s is another spellbinding food hub, also known as ‘The Paradise of Goan Delicacy’. What should one try there? Their seafood assortment includes stuffed crab, Goan fish and the fresh river water fish. These dishes are indeed worth tasting. Given that Goa has the best of fish picks in the month of monsoon, it is the best time to try their local delicacy.

8. Best Place for Crocodile Spotting

places to visit in goa crocodile spotting

Going on a crocodile spotting expedition can be a fun experience for some and scary for rest. But no matter how you feel about it, it is definitely an adventure worth having. Cumbharjua canals in Goa, widely known as the home of the crocodiles a.k.a “mugger” is the place where you find the scariest crocs in India. This place is filled with crocs during monsoon and shall leave you with goosebumps. If you aren’t scared, then go a bit further and catch a sight of the crocs chilling on the bay. Don’t go without a guide and definitely don’t take toddlers with you.

9. Elephant Splash

places to visit in goa elephant splash

Elephants sure love water. Be it for a bath, to relax or to just play. And we humans too have a certain affinity, don’t we? It has been part of long-standing traditions to give these majestic beings a bath in the lake or river. You can get close to the elephants in Goa and maybe splash some water on them (unless they spray it on you with their trunks).

10. Trekking

places to visit in goa trekking

Is an adventurous trek part of your Goa plan? Didn’t think Goa had anything to trek? Wrong! Want to trek, camp and be with nature in Goa? Well, for all the adventure enthusiasts, Goa has some of the best trekking places. With beautiful landscapes and experiences you can’t say no to, you really must consider going on a trek here.

11. Thrilling River Rafting

places to visit in goa river rafting

Going to Goa and lying on beaches too boring for you? Want to add some thrill to your vacation? River water rafting is the one thing that is definitely there on all the adventure junkies’ list. And it is preferred to do this activity in the monsoon season for the waters are at full flow then. Gear up to have a thrilling ride and once in a lifetime experience and go to Goa for an adventurous trip with your friends.

There are so many great places to see in Goa that very few tourists manage to see it all. Even the ones who live in Goa probably feel the same way. But all we can do is try and these are the best places in Goa that you can start off with. If you’re left with time, you can go further and check out other untapped places in Goa.

The Hardest Part About Goa Is Leaving It! Wish we could stay there forever, don’t we?

So, now that you’re aware of all the wonderful things to do and the best places to visit in Goa, you can satisfy your wanderlust.

Out of this list of places to visit in Goa, which is your best pick?

Tell us in the comments below. Happy holidays and may you have a wonderful time in Goa whenever you go.

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