Planning to buy a few gadgets? May be a mobile, fitness indicator, sound system or a gaming device? Be it a requirement or just your love for gadgets, getting handy and budget friendly ones is what everybody wants. So, here’s a know-how on some gadgets that are available below Rs. 10,000 and are worth all the attention.

The shortlisted candidates

The list of some of the best gadgets to own which would cost you less than ten thousand:

1.For the fitness freak – Stay fit in style. Hey, I am not talking about the chic training clothes or the cool walking shoes. This is all about staying updated on your fitness metre. Fitbit One is one of the smartest gadgets in town. What are its offerings? Complete wireless activity does exercise and activity tracking a breeze. And lets not forget that it tracks your sleeping cycle as well. This little friend of yours goes on ticking even after you fall asleep. This device is compatible with all kinds of mobile, laptops tablets. And when it comes to look, be rest assured that its going to be an envy of your friends. The cost of this cool gadget is Rs. 8,499, but you can get it on discount from Amazon.

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2.For the book lover – If you are a book worm, then this tablet – Asus ZenPad C 7.0 (Z170C) – can be a good choice. It is a 7 inch tablet with a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels and has been powered by quad core Intel Atom x3-C3200. The internal storage capacity is 16GB, but is expandable upto 64GB and runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop. So, you can store loads of your favourite stories and novels on this device. And the best thing about this tablet is that it has a strong battery back up, which boasts of an 8 hour timeline. Reading your choice of ebooks for hours on end won’t be much of a problem. It can connect to 3G Internet, Bluetooth devices and WiFi connections with ease. Therefore, downloading your ebooks would definitely be easy. At a price of Rs. 8,999, this is quite a tablet to own.

3.For the hardcore gamer – If you are just crazy about gaming then Mad Catz RAT TE is just for you. There already are lots of gaming mice in the market, but this one steals the limelight. Why? Because it is extremely lightweight, compared to any other mice available in the market and aids any PC gamer win with extreme precision. It costs Rs. 6,029 and is easily available on Amazon.

4.For the Smartphone addict – If you are addicted to your phone in more ways than one, then Mi Redmi 2 Prime 4G is your best bet. And the reason why we are raving about this phone is not one. Apart from the way it looks, at a price of Rs. 6,990, it has a more than average camera, an expandable storage, dual SIM mode and a well customized MIUI.

5.For the music lovers – Enjoy personalised music on that classic MP3 of yours, while on the go. Of course I am talking of the iPOD. At present, only one type of Apple iPOD is available for less than 10,000; or should I say less than Rs. 5,000. It is the iPOD Shuffle. Oh my!…it comes in such lovely colours – the barely there pink, bright pink, floral pink, classic black and gray, bright blues and greens and even more. And if the brand in itself is not enough to steal your heart, its feature sure will. Mr. Know It All will tell you the name of the singer and the track you are listening too, tanks to the Voice Over button. And it speaks in 29 languages! So friends, wear the music on your sleeve and that too, without burning a hole in your pocket. Specifically speaking, you can get it for Rs. 4,300.

These are only 5 of the gadgets that are available for much less than Rs. 10,000. There are lots of other options and cool gizmos available in the market. Will keep updating on this. And if you have anything to add to the list, you are welcome to do so.


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