10 Best Luxury Designer Handbag Brands for Women

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
designer handbags for women

Designer handbags, oh so beautiful! These are some of the most sought-after accessories that stand on the top of the bucket list of every fashion loving woman. And yet, as a host of designer handbag styles come off the shelf every season, only a few pieces or styles hold it all and endure the fashion test. Whether you’re in love with a cross-body number or a fully functional one, a comfortable tote or a strapless and chic clutch, a slouchy handbag, or a noteworthy shoulder piece, we have you covered.

We have brought a pick of the top ten best luxury handbag brands from the bounty of the most desirable and enviable trends. These are sure to add extra ladylike elegance to your ensemble and would be some of the best and drool-worthy choices.

Top 10 Best Designer Handbag Brands in 2023

1. Dior

Want to go classic?


Or something new and quirky?


Key Features

  • Premium-quality handbags
  • Affordable to buy online
  • Unique colors and designs
  • Suitable for teens, adults, and elders

2. Givenchy Antigona

The perfect bag to carry work from one of the best handbag brands?

best-handbag-brands-2018-givenchyor the perfect bag to carry on a holiday?

Key Features

  • Perfect spring and summer collection
  • Free returns for the damaged pieces
  • Free delivery with complimentary gift wrapping

3. Legend Alexander McQueen

One of the best handbag brands in the world, Alexander McQueen is as versatile as it is legendary. Who do you feel like today though,

Miss Goody Two Shoes?


or Wild Child?best-handbag-brands-2018-AMQ

Key Features

  • 100% leather materials
  • Online assistance via call, chat, social media
  • Express shipping and return policies

4. Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag

A bag that lets you shine?


Or a bag that shines for you?


Key Features

  • Made of premium fabric materials
  • Pay later for limited budget people
  • Product returns within 72 hours
  • 14-days of full money refund policy

5. Fendi

Want to stand out, there is a Fendi Bag for you.

Want to blend right in, there’s a bag from one of the best handbag brands, Fendi for you too!


Key Features

  • Stylish and modern designs
  • International shipping
  • Hassle-free remote shopping services
  • PayPal or credit card payment methods

6. Louis Vuitton

Has your mind started fluttering already? Designer handbags are always crafted using the finest of materials and keeping seasonal trends in mind. And Louis Vuitton is unparalleled in this regard. Be it the quality or style, you can get some of the best styles with them. We’ve curated a collection of oh-so-dapper and iconic pieces from Louis Vuitton. Let’s take a glimpse into the collection below.

Louis Vuitton handbags for women

A red one to die for!

Louis Vuitton handbags for women

A simple number that would go with anything.

Louis Vuitton handbags for women

Yet another simple and highly functional one!

Louis Vuitton handbags for women

The smartest of the lot!

Key Features

  • Affordable pricing
  • Wide range of luxury handbag collections
  • Suitable for events and parties
  • Louis Vuitton App supports Android and Apple devices

7. Balenciaga

Balenciaga is a splurge-worthy designer handbag brand. The front flop seen in their most classic collection adds a touch of timelessness to their handbags from the best handbag brands. Peep into the below list from Balenciaga to get inspired.

Balenciaga women handbags

A lovely color pop style.

Balenciaga women handbags 2

That versatile number you need to have!

Balenciaga women handbags 3

Sloppy yet cute…what say?

Balenciaga women handbags 4

That girly stuff… :)

Balenciaga women handbags

Make heads turn with this…

Balenciaga women handbags

Just own it…

Key Features

  • Free delivery and return policies
  • Convenient to wear on shoulders
  • Packed items in a secured cardboard box
  • Premium quality designs and vibrant color patterns

8. Chanel

Whether it’s a slouch or a pochette, the Chanel collection is aesthetically pleasing and most popular amongst the best handbag brands. Love to put your gadgets or basic essentials in Chanel’s timeless handbag? Do look at some of the most popular designs available with Chanel and pick one that matches your fashion repertoire.

Channel women handbags

I simply want this…

Channel women handbags

Stuff in all of what you can :D

Channel women handbags

Color to the eyes…

Channel women handbags

Hot red!

Channel women handbags

A classic number

Key Features

  • Product returns within 14 calendar days
  • Made of lambskin leather materials
  • Enhances the overall look
  • Easy to maneuver

9. Hermes

When it comes to designer women’s purses that are designed with both fashion and function, Hemes gives unprecedented attention to every detail — making their collection ideal and iconic. Well if you’re looking for anything super-stylish to get to a cocktail party or a day walk at the beach, check out the following inspirations.

Hermes women handbags

Oh such elegance

Hermes women handbags

Love for simplicity

Hermes women handbags

Oh my…bejewelled!

Hermes women handbags

Subtle at its best!

Hermes women handbags

Team it up..

Hermes women handbags

For the love of Lilac

Key Features

  • 100% secured international transactions
  • Money refund within 7-10 business days
  • Standard overnight delivery charges
  • Stylish and elegant design luxury handbags

10. Marc Jacobs

Here we’ve brought you a fair share of Marc Jacobs designer handbags collection. Get inspiration from the below seen Marc Jacobs bags’ choices before you snap one from your favorite online store, or online fashion accessories store.

Marc Jacobs women handbags

Just carry it with anything…

Marc Jacobs women handbags

Pink is all girly but cute…

Marc Jacobs women handbags

Simple but chic!

Marc Jacobs women handbags

Orange bliss!

Marc Jacobs women handbags

Sheer elegance!

Designer Bags

The type you’ll end up always using

Key Features

  • Available in small, medium, large sizes
  • Perfectly crafted for teens, adults, and moms
  • Made of breathable fabric materials
  • Lightweight and ergonomic designs

Wondering where you can bag this black beauty? Myntra is your destination. Not just that, you can get this bag at 20% off from Myntra right now.

Authenticating designer handbag labels

You can be a self-made designer handbag pro by giving a study consideration at their signatures. Here are some tips to ensure the authenticity of designer handbags.

Louis Vuitton
The alignment of LV monograms should form straight lines. It should feature top-notch stitching that is even and tight. If you’re going to invest big bucks on a Louis Vuitton India designer handbag, make sure you carefully consider its authenticity and pick a style that speaks your style.

Louis Vuitton label or signature

You can easily figure out the authenticity of Balenciaga label looking at its bales, i.e., all the Balenciaga handbags’s bales are rounded and thick including the notches (which will be rounded but not square or some other shape).

Balenciaga handbag signature or label identification

Check out the label hologram sticker that comes inside every Chanel handbag. If the Chanel handbag is from vintage collection you can know it’s authenticity by looking at its font and patchwork.

Channel handbag authentication

You can authenticate Hermes collection by looking at the bag stamp. All the Hermes handbags come with Hermes Date Stamp, marked along with the craftsman ID stamp as well.

Hermes handbags authentication

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs bags have a unique seasoned code, MJ zipper or a Riri.

Marc Jacobs handbags authentication

Image Source: Pinterest

Final Thoughts

On the whole, we have provided the list of top luxury designer handbag brands for women to try in all seasons. If you are not sure about purchasing the right one for your needs and deeds, we suggest you have a glance at the different types of bags to make an informed choice.

Want to buy a luxury bag but have no idea from where you can. What are the online stores for then. Browse through the collections, collect coupons and make the most of your luxury bag shopping spree.

Designer Handbag Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a designer handbag?

The designer handbags are curated by fashion experts in different shapes, sizes, colors, using natural fiber materials like hemp, cotton, polyester, leather, suede, or nylon. They are available as clutches, wristlets, shoulder bags, and over-the-shoulder bags for comfortable carrying.  

2. Can I use the designer handbag for a long time?

Yes, you can use the designer handbag for a long time. Due to the frequent usage, it typically lasts from 5 to 10 years. If you do not carry a handbag every day, it will last for a few more years without any damage.

3. How can I care for my designer handbags? 

A designer handbag is a costly investment and must be taken care of accordingly. Follow the simple steps given below to care for your favorite handbag models:

  • Never store it in direct sunlight as this will cause the leather to fade faster.
  • Avoid contact with water as it can damage the leather material.
  • While cleaning, unbuckle and loosen the straps to prevent marks from the metal.
  • Keep away from sharp items like knives as they can tear the handbag surface and cause discoloration, permanent stains.

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