7 Best Cab Services in Mumbai and Pune

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
best cab services pune mumbai

Mumbai is a big city. A city is bubbling with energy and innovation. It is the financial capital of India. It represents a unique blend of myriad cultures in its architecture, food, and way of living. There is surely a Mumbai way of life, and once you are in the city, you have to get adept at living that way or back out. On the other hand, Pune represents a mix of a peaceful yet colorful world of a city filled with young and aspiring souls. Traveling in both these cities is a different experience altogether. Now you must be wondering about the best cab services in Mumbai and Pune. There are amazing cab and taxi services available for you to make use of. Below are some cab options for hire when you go out shopping within the city or are rushing for work.

Here’s a look at few of the best cab services in Mumbai and Pune:

1. Ola Cab Service

best cab services in mumbai and pune ola cab services

Ola Cab service in Pune and Mumbai is out there for you for hire. The cab was founded in 2010 and had instant booking confirmations. With the mobile app, it is easier to book a cab. You can also avail the amazing Ola Cab offers which cab service offers and save on your rides. In these times of demonetization, you can also pay through Ola money. You can also grab a corporate discount of around 60% if your company is registered with Ola.

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2. Uber Cab Service

best cab services in mumbai and pune uber cab services

Uber is super when it comes to cab service. Its affinity to availability has kept it ahead in this game. Whenever you need it, always be around for hire, and yes, it does not burn your pocket. Uber cabs are cheap, comfortable, and safe! You can book a cab anywhere in the city, and you will not be disappointed. With over a thousand cars plying on the roads, you will never be out of options.

3. TABcab Service

best cab services in mumbai and pune TABcab services

Tab cabs are an excellent cab service option in Mumbai. All you have to do is just Tab on your phone to book a cab. Whether it’s a regular pick-up or a booking for a friend’s outing, you can do it all here. The cab offers the best rates which are not expensive at all. Moreover, you can Tab the cab for hire whenever you are in need.

4. Meru Cab Service

best cab services in mumbai and pune meru cab services

Meru cabs works with the motto rely on us! They are reliable in every way. You can book the cabs anytime you want and get to the facility. The cab drivers are safe and trustworthy to travel with. Just download the application, and you can book your cab in less than 60 seconds. You can even book cabs through Facebook messenger to get confirmations instantly.

5. Easy Cabs Cab Service

best cab services in mumbai and pune easy cabs

With over 8000 cabs plying on the roads, this service is the best for hire. The cabs are easy to hire and are available for a variety of tours. Be it your regular pick-up and drop cab service or your long fun drives. This cab service ensures that once you book the cab, they will take care of everything; the journey and your comforts. Accessible cabs also offer Carzonrent for your outstation adventures. This facility is specifically for outstation travels and expeditions where you long to be yourself, wild and free!

6. Pravasi Cab

Pravasi Cab

Founded in 2002, by Renuka Aradhya, Pravasi Cab is the go-to car rental service that was launched in Bengaluru. Soon it grew to become Maharashtra’s top taxi service provider, especially known for its convenience and affordability. Just imagine getting picked up and dropped off right at your doorstep – that’s the kind of service Pravasi Cab provides. Whether you’re looking for a one-way trip from Mumbai to Pune or vice versa, planning a round-trip, one-way trip, or even needing a reliable ride for your corporate travels on a monthly basis, Pravasi Cab has got you covered. Their fleet includes a range of vehicles like tempo travelers, hatchbacks, sedans, luxury cars, and SUVs, ensuring you have options that match your preferences.

7. For Sure Taxi

For Sure Taxi

With a reach of over 200 cities across the country, For Sure Taxi is another evolving online cab booking firm that is making waves today. Founded in 2011 by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Raghunandan G. These friends, both from NIIT Karnataka and IIM-Ahmedabad, conceived the idea over a casual drink. With a whopping 50,000 satisfied customers, For Sure Taxi is a reliable and premium choice for both Intercity and Local car rental services. 

Whether you’re in Pune or Mumbai, this platform has got your back with its popular routes, offering top-notch Taxi services. They also provide both one-way and round-trip options for both outstation and local services. The fleet of cars they offer is impressive, featuring favorites like Ertiga, Innova, Wagonr, Ciaz, Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Desire, and more. So, for a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience, For Sure Taxi is the way to go.

Do you agree with the list of best cab services in Mumbai and Pune?
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