For many, Valentine’s Day, like New Year’s evening brings in more great time and extraordinary experiences. But for some, the day might not live up to its expectations of being a wonderful day.

Ideas V-Day Gifts

You would have planned a surprise gift to your loved one that’s more than exciting, but have failed many times to pick it right or at least your love didn’t feel it as exciting as you think. For all those like you, understand this statement – there’s no perfect love guru than YOU, who help you find love through advice, control the path of a relationship and guide you inward journey towards a happy and romantic relationship. So know yourself what gift is liked by your sweetheart the most and which is sure to give your love an exciting experience.

If you’re still confused or looking to avoid banal of gifting on V-Day, here we got some ideas for you. Hope that switch gears to let you give something exciting..

Spend A Day At Your Favorite Place

This idea requires no huge plan for this day as you already know this place is pretty sure to be liked by her/him. If you’re in love for more than a year now, we bet you already should have a couple of good places that you prefer to hang out with your partner. A visit to your favorite place is definitely enjoyable. Book your Uber and ride to your favorite spot while enjoying a free ride worth Rs. 400 (exclusive for GrabOn users). If you’re wondering if there’s some activity which can be added to your favorite place and make it more enjoyable, then there’s a room for making the day more enjoyable — its spending time with your love.

Say It With A Teddy

What can be a best way to express your love to her/him than gifting a teddy on Valentine’s Teddy Day. When not sure about creative ideas, following the proven-custom does count as a good idea. Sounds not bad, right? You may never know a simple teddy might let your loved one think of giving you a teddy bear hug.

For the Chocaholics

Walk through Cafe Coffee Day and order your favorite cafe latte. Also a gourmet hot chocolate to make your conversations even sweeter than usual. You can book a chocolate bouquet that comes in pleasantly perfect look and pleases your loved one’s sweet tooth. If you are looking for many other gift types in chocolate gifting along with the best Valentine’s Day offers then this is the best offer you could get at GrabOn — Flat 15% off on all products across the website.

A Surprise Pizza Party

We agree this is an old idea, but can still be an idea to surprise him/her. The best thing about this idea is it doesn’t take much time of preparation. Because your favorite cheese busts and delicious pizzas are just a phone call or a click away. If you are looking to get the best pizza offers, check through that latest pizza and food offers available at Dominos, Pizza Hut, Foodpanda, Just Eat and much more.

When in doubt or afraid of experimenting with your own ideas, there’s no wrong in asking her/his suggestions. Your uniqueness is the most important element that can spark up your V-Day. Make sure to be you.

What is one exciting gift you received from your love? Why it meant a lot to you? Or do you have an idea that can gift an exciting experience to your love? Share them in the comments below.


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