6 Advantages of Traveling Solo

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
routemap travelling solo

In my opinion, one of the best ways to find peace and to calm your overly crammed mind is to TRAVEL. This is that one hobby or passion or habit that I feel everyone should absorb naturally. Traveling around is a sheer joy where you get to see the world, meet absurd but good people and enjoy weird but lip-smacking food. The rebellious yet grounded feeling that you get when you – grab a route map, backpack and leave behind your city to explore another with your friends, family or ALONE – is what we all should crave for.

Alone Traveler

However, “(a)lone travel” – that’s what I’m stressing on today. Traveling alone has its own edge – the intoxicating sensation of freedom, the wings on the shoulders and the spirit to conquer the world. The main advantage of traveling alone is that it is the best way to understand and connect with your inner self. I guess the reason I see so many men traveling alone, to see life/themselves in a different perspective or to just run away. You know, you can never know the real reason right. Anyways, this one is for all the ladies – start traveling alone and encourage every other woman to travel alone. It maybe scary initially but once you get the taste of it, trust me, you will love. And I’m here to help you, to push you and tell you the 6 advantages of traveling alone:


  1. You will find this distinct confidence in yourself and everything that you do. You will take control of your life and not blindly trust someone else to take care of it.
  2. The best time to reflect on yourself and your life. You cannot do this when you are sitting in a room filled with people or even with your loved ones. And, if you are scared you will get lost then don’t, There are travel guides and travel advisers who will help you, go try MakeMyTrip.
  3. Better direction and navigation sense. The one thing every girl is criticized for and the very thing we will learn when traveling alone. Route maps always help and yes, compass too.
  4. The hesitation of meeting new people will vanish. Obviously, a sole route map will not be your savior, you will need people to direct you sometimes and from there it’s pretty easy to mingle.
  5. You are your own boss. Well, when on a vacation everyone hates to be controlled on everything, from how to hold a route maps to where to stay and what to eat. Traveling alone advantage #1 is no one is commanding your actions.
  6. Pamper yourself without any guilt. This is your trip so do whatever you want to do. Indulge in sinful, delighting food or shop your heart out.


If you are still looking for more advantages of traveling alone then I will say pack your bag, grab a route map of a city you always wanted to visit and take the bus now.

A small cheat code for newbies – start from small and nearer places. All you need to do is book your bus tickets on redbus/ticketgoose and start your own adventure now.

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