6 Useful Tech Blogs In India to follow

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Top 6 Blogs In India

Mid-2000s saw a rage in tech blogging in India and any person who had knowledge about technology started blogging about it. Still the bloggers who knew their audience and wanted to share unique and interesting facts and news about technology captured visits and visibility. This form of knowledge sharing was seen less in India especially on internet. But even then everyone was adopting to it, they preferred reading about new technology and products related to it.

Tech Blogs – You can Look Upto

This new trend saw many bloggers who began tech blogging but only few were masters in it. Now, in 2015, when we have more than 1500 tech blogs it is hard to find the best and informative blog. So here is a list of 6 useful tech blogs in India:


Earlier it had one guy handling the site and now they have team of tech writers who contribute to the content. It basically talks about news and opinion on startups and Indian business.


An IITian named Amit Agarwal who has a Computer Science degree started this blog in 2004. He mainly focuses on writing “how-to guides” on web app, computer software and gadgets.

Next Big What

Initially, it was Pluggd.in and then changed to this. The aim of this blog is to cover technology startups and digital media news in India.


Started by two NIT students, this site provides news and information about latest technology of upcoming startups and acquisitions of various companies.

9 Lessons

Founded by Srinivas Tamada, it is programming blog that focuses more on programming, and giving tutorials about web design, JQuery, Javascript and many such topics.

Most Useful Tricks

Sagar Basak started this blog as a hobby and works on it full-time. This site gives useful tips and tricks on software, technology and internet. You can find different types of useful how-to stuff on their website.

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this is useful tech blogs’ list. These are the most popular tech blogs in India.


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