8 Ways To Manage Work Stress Efficiently

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Deadlines…projects on plate…presentations…client meets… are they all taking away your sleep? Well, you are not alone. There are several others with you who are struggling with work stress. Researches have shown that today’s employees are interrupter seven times in an hour which sums up to 2.1 hours of distraction in a day. These distractions gives you missed deadlines and you feel overloaded with work. However, there can be several other reasons of distraction at office. Like, restructuring of teams, less hike, rejection of project plans and more.

There are several ways to handle work stress and stay focused.

Say YES to breakfast


Breakfast makes the power house of your body. To reach office on time people tend to skip breakfast and it is the worst thing to do. Take a healthy and heavy breakfast that your body will burn throughout the day and give you adequate energy to work.

Plan your tomorrow


Before you leave office take 15 minutes and plan the next day. Write the plan on a stick on note and put it up on your work desk. This will help you organize your work and have a planned day ahead.

Start early to reach early


Try to start 30 minutes before your usual time to work. You will avoid the rush on the road and have time to settle down at work before others come in. A peaceful start to a day help have a powerful day.

Get more oxygen


“To Stretch” at office might sound unprofessional but it is not a crime. While sitting on your chair stretch a little at regular intervals and feel the difference. You will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Break your breaks


Your working hours include break time as well. Break your break timings into 2-3 parts. If you go to work early then take a tea break at 11.00 am of 10-15 minutes. Take a lunch break of 30 minutes. In the evening take a 15 minutes break. Make sure you eat healthy during your breaks. Avoid junk food and drink green tea.

Your cubical says it all


If you are tired by seeing office stick ons on your soft board then change it with your favorite person’s picture or a hand painting of your kid. This will give you inspiration to work. Keep your desk clean. Put all papers and bags in the drawer. Clean surroundings will bring in positive energy.

With colleagues whom you call friends


All work and no play makes jack a dull boy… You must have heard about this saying. You need to socialize with colleagues at work. Drink tea with them. Talk about the book you read last or the movie you are planning to watch. Make sure you do not talk about work with co-worker on your break.

Sleep well work well


When you get up in the morning do you feel that you want to go back to the bed? It implies that you are sleeping less and are fatigue. When you sleep your brain gets some rest, so, ‘The 8 Hours Sleep’ is very important and you must not miss that.

These are ways to handle work stress. Follow them and have a enjoyable work life.

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