Most Uncommon Gifts For Deepavali

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Deepavali is the time for giving gifts to all. Are you not tired of giving and receiving the same type of gifts every year? It is like Diwali is marked by few common gifts like watches, shirts, sarees, chocolates and sweets. Have you thought what is the most uncommon gift ideas for your loved ones this Deepavali? And most importantly, did you think of saving on whatever you buy? Use the Diwali offers to do so.

Best Ever Diwali Gifts

Book a movie

You may book Gold Class movie ticket as a gift. This will be ideal if you are gifting it to someone who has not gone for a movie for long due to work or any other reasons. Use Bookmyshow and gift them movie tickets and see a bright smile on your loved one’s face.

Book a table

If you think your parents have not been out for dinner then you might book a table for them. Make sure that the dates are after Deepavali. If you have a good budget then you might book a table for two at a 5-star hotel as well.

Personalized gifts

Have you ever thought of personalizing gifts for Diwali? Today there are many online stores that help make personalized Diwali gifts. Pen with name engraved, cushion with picture, T-shirts with picture or a albums with travel pictures will really be an unique gift.

Digital Photo Frames

No more old photo frames! Now is the time to get digital photo frames. As a gift this will be a remarkable one! A digital photoframe displays a single pic or a slide show. They are 9-12 inches long in length, so, it can fit on your table top or wall shelf.

Online Gift Vouchers

Online gift vouchers are excellent gifts. You can choose any store and buy their voucher of any amount. Once you gift it to your loved ones they an encash it by buying any product from that store.

Use the above-mentioned Diwali gifting ideas and make a difference!

<div class='toc'><ul><li><a href=#Best-Ever-Diwali-Gifts><b>Best Ever Diwali Gifts</b></li><p>  <a href=#Book-a-movie>Book a movie</p><p>  <a href=#Book-a-table>Book a table</p><p>  <a href=#Personalized-gifts>Personalized gifts</p><p>  <a href=#Digital-Photo-Frames>Digital Photo Frames</p><p>  <a href=#Online-Gift-Vouchers>Online Gift Vouchers</p></ul></div>

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