21 Top Amusement & Water Parks To Visit This Summer!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

As we get into the summer months, the temperatures reach an all-time high, but our heat-tolerance levels take a dip. When you are trying to get away from the scorching sun, a summer retreat is what you need. What’s better than water rides and amusement parks? By the end of this article, you’d be the best judge of which one is the best amusement & water park in India. And then, you’d go there with your friends and family and have all kinds of fun imaginable.

Amusement and water parks are enjoyed by all age groups alike. There’s the thrill, there’s the adrenaline rush and then there are a lot of memories and at the end of the day, it’s the memories that count, right? So go ahead, plan a trip to your nearest amusement/theme/water park, whatever floats your boat. Even if it’s for a day, just plan it. You deserve it, especially with this increasing heat. And one day off hurts no one’s workaholism.

An amusement park is amusing for everyone with rides, games, and various other attractions, with its origin evolving from three earlier traditions: traveling fairs, pleasure gardens, and exhibitions. But it’s different from the traveling fairs. Amusement parks are fixed in a particular location, are more permanent while being more elaborate than the usual children’s park with the kiddy rides. The rides in these amusement parks are more on the extreme side, with additions like the roller coasters, your adrenaline will be at an ultimate high.

Have a Look at 15 Best Amusement & Water Parks in India for 2023

Amusement Parks in Bangalore

1. WonderLa

Image result for wonderla bangalore

One of the best water parks in India, Wonder La, this park has both water rides as well as the land rides. This combination amusement park helps you take a break when the Bangalore sun becomes too much to take. One of the cleanest amusement parks in India. Being #6 on Trip Advisor’s things to do in Bangalore, this is one of the best ways to have a mini-vacation. With about 61 rides spread over 80 acres of land and a resort if you want to spend more time there, you will never run out of fun here. There are good food options to choose from. Just make sure you have a good window between eating and the rides.

Entry Fee-

Weekdays Weekends
Adult 1349/- Incl. GST 1399/- Incl. GST
Adult (Fast-track) 2361/- Incl. GST 2448/- Incl. GST
Child 1079/- Incl. GST 1119/- Incl. GST
Child (Fast Track) 1888/- Incl. GST 1958/- Incl. GST

Location- Mysore Road, Bangalore
Specialty- Virtual Reality Experiences and the Ferris Wheel
Ticket Portal-  You can book tickets on the official Wonderla website. Don’t forget to use our Wonderla Coupons while booking.

2. Fun World

best water park in India

Fun World and Resorts is an amusement park for everyone. It began as a small entertainment spot and continues to be a go-to place in Central Bangalore for all the thrill enthusiasts. If you want the fun water rides and other entertainment as well, team up with Water World and Wow World. The Water World is definitely on the list to be the best water park in India.

Entry Fee-

Adult Child
Fun World 800/- Incl. GST 500/- Incl. GST
Water World 900/- Incl. GST 500/- Incl. GST
Fun World & Water World Combo 1200/- Incl. GST 1200/- Incl. GST

Location- Palace Grounds, Opposite to TV Tower, J.C.Nagar, Bangalore
Specialty- Formula 1 Simulator
Ticket Portal- Book on their official website.

Amusement Parks in Kolkata

3. Nicco Park

best water park in India

It is the largest amusement park in Eastern India. Nicco Park is located in Salt Lake City. It is called the Disneyland of West Bengal. Started with the sole motive to attract more tourism, it’s not only a family-friendly recreational place but it is also an educational one. There’s an Eiffel Tower exhibit in the Nicco Park for all Paris lovers. It’s one of the top #30 things to do in Kolkata according to Trip Advisor.

Entry Fee-

Entry Fee 300/- Incl. GST This includes the 13 specified rides and Attractions in the amusement park.
Park Packages 850/- Incl. GST This includes all rides in the amusement park + Water Park.

Location-  Jheel Meel, Sector IV, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal
Specialty- Giant Cyclone
Ticket Portal- Book on their official website. You can’t book tickets online for the same day.

4. Aquatica Water Park

best water park in India

It is one of the largest water parks in India, especially Eastern India. This particular water park is famous for the festival of Holi. The rides include Black Hole, Niagara Falls, Tornado, and for the rain dance lovers, Aqua Dance Floor. And if you like go-karting, there’s a Go Karting Track nearby too. Do you think it is the best water park in India?

Entry Fee-

Weekdays Weekends
Child 450/- Incl.GST 500/- Incl.GST
Adult 900/- Incl.GST 1000/- Incl.GST

Location-  Kouchpukur, P.O Hathgachia, P.S.: K.L.C, Near Rajarhat Township, Kolkata, West Bengal
Specialty- Fashion shows
Ticket Portal- Book on their official website

Amusement Parks in Mumbai

5. Essel World

best water park in India

Essel World and the Water Kingdom are in the top 10 amusement parks in India and they are in very close proximity to one another. Collectively, both the amusement parks are spread across 64 acres of land with numerous land and water slides and with 29 years of experience, it has been everyone’s favorite amusement park to go. Do check out for the offers on their website. The ice skating rink is one of the best things of Essel World.

Entry Fee-

Child Adult
Basic Package 290/- Incl. GST Includes both child and adult Entry at 90/-, the remaining 200 can be spent on F&B outlets.
Silver 530/- Incl. GST 885/- Incl. GST
Fast Track (Silver) 900/- Incl. GST 1170/- Incl. GST
Combine 945/- Incl. GST 1405/- Incl. GST Entry to EsselWorld + Water Kingdom

Location- Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai
Specialty-  Ice Skating
Ticket Portal-  Book it on their official website using our Essel World Coupons to get a good discount while booking it online.

6. Water Kingdom

best water park in India

It is the largest theme water park in Asia. It’s right beside Essel World. Some of the rides are a must-try such as What a Coaster. It has the tallest vertical drop in the country which is close to a 7 story building. Talk about Adrenaline rush! Other than that Aquadrome the rain dance zone too is good to show off your dance moves. Do you think it counts as the best water park in India? I definitely think it’s one of the best ones.

Entry Fee-

Adult Child
Water Kingdom 1115/- Incl. GST 720/- Incl. GST
Combine Ticket 1160/- Incl. GST 780/- Incl. GST
Annual Pass 1450/- Incl. GST 1450/- Incl. GST

Location-  Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai
Specialty- What a Coaster
Ticket Portal- Book it on their official website using our Water Kingdom Coupons to get a good discount while booking it online.

7. Adlabs Imagica

best water park in India

What’s special about Adlabs Imagica is that it’s modeled on Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s home to one of India’s largest roller coasters. The park is spread over 130 acres of land with three parks within- theme park, water park, and snow park. Want a break from your life? Head over to Adlabs Imagica to escape it all via fantasy. With its slogan being “where stories come alive”, it’s definitely a place to go to cool off. Best water park in India or not, you should definitely visit this place.

Entry Fee-

General (6 years and above) 1899/- Incl. GST
Sr. Citizen (60 years and above) 1284/- Incl. GST
Pre-Schooler (3-5 years old) 599/- Incl. GST

Location- Khopoli, just off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.
Specialty-   Gravity-defying water slides
Ticket Portal-  Use the latest coupons when you book tickets to Imagica and save big on your purchase.

Amusement Parks in Delhi / Noida Region

8. Fun ‘n’ Food Village

best water park in India

It is one of the best water parks in India. Having everything from land and water rides to cultural performances to look forward to. It has the longest water channel which is about 400 feet that you can get into(The Lazy River). It has 21 land rides and 22 water rides for your entertainment. There’s a shopping center inside the amusement park where you can buy souvenirs.

Entry Fee- Adult: Rs. 1000; Children: Rs. 600
Location- Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road
Specialty- The Snow Park
Ticket Portal- Book your tickets on MakeMyTrip

9. Worlds of Wonder

best water park in India

A combination of a variety of attractions both on land and in water including paintball and go-karting, Worlds of Wonder has one of the best water parks in India. The special attractions here are enjoyed by all age groups. For all the adventure lovers, there’s The Road Show. For the children and the ones with a light heart, there’s La Fiesta. The water rides are enjoyed by everyone. My favorite is the Rocking Roller. Not just the rides, there’s a good variety of dining options to choose from after a day of fun. Does this park make the cut for the best water park in India? Yes, it should. For a day here will sweep all your worries off you.

Entry Fee- For Amusement Park- Adult: Rs.599, Children Rs.499.
Location- Sector 38A,  behind Great India Place Mall
Specialty- Look out for a ride called Download
Ticket Portal- Book it on their official website using our Worlds of Wonder Coupons to get a good discount while booking it online.

Amusement Parks in Hyderabad

10. WonderLa

best water park in India

This is the third WonderLa in India and the newest one too. This amusement park has India’s first space-themed flying theatre experience, one more reason to go to this place right away. The amusement park is made across 50 acres of land with 25+ land rides and 18+ water rides. If you are a student, you can get a 35% discount(limited time offer only). And after a day of fun, you can end the day with eating at the multi-cuisine restaurant. Best water park in India or not, do visit this place for your next weekend getaway or even a weekday getaway.

Entry Fee- Adult: Rs.960; Children: Rs.750
Location- Nehru Outer Ring Road, Exit No. 13, Ravirala
Specialty- Reverse looping roller coaster
Ticket Portal- You can book tickets on the official Wonderla website. Don’t forget to use our Wonderla Coupons while booking.

11. Ramoji Filmcity

best water park in India

Though this doesn’t come under the traditional meaning of amusement parks of India, this had to be on the list for all the attractions it provides us with. It’s more along the lines of a tourism and recreation center and is one of the largest integrated film cities but is inclusive of an amusement park. Look for the stunt show while you are there. And also check out the many sets put up where our favourite Indian films and songs were shot.

Entry Fee- General Guided One Day Tour with-out-Food: (9.00 AM to 5.30 PM) Adult: Rs.1150; Child (3-12 Yrs): Rs.950/-

Adult Child
Ramoji Studio Tour 1150/- + Taxes 950/- + Taxes
Ramoji Star Experience 2349/- + Taxes 2149/- + Taxes
Holiday Carnival Studio Tour 1250/- + Taxes 1050/- + Taxes
Holiday Carnival Star Experience 2449/- + Taxes 2249/- + Taxes
Holiday Carnival Twilight Delight 1475/- + Taxes 1239/- + Taxes
Holiday Carnival Star Experience Evening 2400/- + Taxes 2164/- + Taxes

Location- Hayathnagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad
Specialty- Bird park, movie making
Ticket Portal- Book on their official website

Amusement Parks in Kerala

12. WonderLa

best water park in India

This WonderLa was originally known as Veegaland and was rebranded to Wonderla in 2011. With 50+ adventure rides, it’s one of the best amusement parks in India. This park is spread across 30 acres of land and built on a hill, this park is a must-visit amusement park in Kerala. This was the first Wonderla to open in India. It has pretty much the same rides as the Wonderla amusement parks in Bangalore and Kerala. So like its sister parks this one too can be the best water park in India. What do you think?

Entry Fee-

Weekdays Weekends
Adult 1249/- Incl. GST 1299/- Incl. GST
Adult (Fast-track) 1874/- Incl. GST 1949/- Incl. GST
Child 999/- Incl. GST 1039/- Incl. GST
Child (Fast Track) 1499/- Incl. GST 1559/- Incl. GST

Location-  Pallikkara, Kumarapuram P O, Kochi
Specialty- 3D Films, The Vintage Castle
Ticket Portal- You can book tickets on the official Wonderla website. Don’t forget to use our Wonderla Coupons while booking.

13. Dreamworld Water Park

best water park in India

It is one of the large-scale water parks in India. This water park has a family-friendly environment and is situated with a backdrop of one of the largest waterfalls of Kerala, Athirappally, and Vazhachal. The rain dance is one of the best attractions to go to here. It was the first in the state of Kerala to introduce snow in an attraction. With 42+ rides, half of which are water rides, this place is definitely a must go.

Entry Fee-

Packages One-day package Overnight package Couple package
Prices 649/- for adults

399/- for children

1200/- 2000/-

Location- Athirappilly Road, Thrissur, Chalakudy
Specialty- Rain dance

Amusement Parks in Chennai

14. Queensland Theme Park

best water park in India

With rides such as Carousel, Swing Weight, the trampoline and so on exclusively for kids, this amusement park really takes off the family entertainment. Spread over 70 acres of land, Queensland Theme Park is home to a lot of exciting rides such as Himalayan Water Ride, Cable cars, the American Wave Pool which are all a must try whenever you visit this place. You can also have delectable food from a variety of cuisines here. The best place around Chennai where you can spend a weekend with your family.

Entry Fee- Adult: Rs. 550; Children: Rs.450
Location- Chennai-Bangalore Highway
Specialty- Himalayan Water Ride
Ticket Portal- Book your ticket on entryeticket.com

15. MGM Dizzee World

best water park in India

It’s a high energy entertainment/amusement park in India. MGM Dizzee World has both an amusement and a water park inclusive of adult and kid-friendly rides. It has an Amphi Theater, Boating, Carnival Games and a lot more going on in their entertainment section. They proudly say- No one knows family entertainment like we do. Marryworld is a special children’s world within the amusement park that surely is deserving of your time. So, on your next holiday, go here with your friends and family to have a gala time!

Entry Fee- Adult- Rs.699; Children-Rs.549
Location- It’s located on the East Coast Road, Muttukadu
Specialty- Seasonal shows
Ticket Portal- Book your tickets on Cleartrip.

16. Della Adventure Park

Della Adventure Park

Looking for an adventure? Which will be fun for both you and your children, then look no further. One of the best water parks in India, Della adventure park is jam-packed with activities for adults and children alike. From swoop swings to paintball fights, this place is a thrill seeker’s dream come true. And in case you want some fine dining, they have a range of restaurants to choose from. Or maybe you are in the mood for a party, their P18 nightclub and lounge are there to full fill your wish. For additional discounts, visit our website.

Entry Fee-

  Adults Children
Jumbo Pass 5500/- + Taxes
Day Pass 2000/- + GST 1500/- + GST

Location- Plot No. 130-1, Lonavala, Kunegaon, Maharashtra 410401

Speciality- Extreme Adventure

Ticket Portal- Book your tickets on the website.

17. Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain

Here’s the next entry, Magic mountain, unlike the movie this place is very fun for both adults and children. From the house of horrors to the mirror maze you will never run out of things to do in the top water park in India. If you like some thrilling rides, you get to choose from three main varieties of rides which are high thrill rides, mid thrill rides and family rides. And if you get tired of all the fun, you can recharge yourself at one of the multi-cuisine restaurants Magic Mountain has to offer. For additional discounts, visit our website.

Entry Fee-

  Adults Children
Price Rs. 750/- Incl. GST Rs. 750/- Incl. GST

Location- Old Pune Mumbai Highway, NH-4 Post-Takve, Mundhaware, Pune, Maharashtra 410405

Speciality- A range of amusement rides.

Ticket Portal- Book your tickets on their website.

18. Suraj Water Park

Suraj Water Park

India’s largest water park spread over 11 acres and a Lord Shiva statue that I bet you have never seen in any other water park has won multiple awards both nationally and internationally. At Suraj water park you will definitely have a unique experience compared to other similar attractions. Decorated with mermaids and other sea creatures it is located partially inside the biggest man-made fibre cave. Popular amongst the children is the wave pool if you have never been to the sea this won’t replace it but is the next best thing. Coming to the large slide, you feel the adrenaline literally flowing from your veins.

Entry Fee-

  Adults Children
Price Rs. 1000/- Incl. GST Rs. 800/- Incl. GST

Location- MH SH 42, Dongripada, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400615

Speciality- They have the best water slides.

Ticket Portal- Book your tickets on their website.

19. Adventure Island

Adventure Island

You might be a child or you might be an adult but you won’t regret coming here. This is one of the top water parks in India which is divided into three major attractions, first where you can shop till you drop called the metro walk. Up next is the adventure island, spread over 62 acres of land. They have a multitude of rides to choose from, which will definitely bring out the child in you. Wild wheels to fire bridge to splashdown, the fun never seems to end at adventure island and people from all over the state come here daily for a nice family getaway.

Entry Fee-

  Adults Children
Price Rs. 350/- Incl. GST Rs. 350/- Incl. GST

Location- opposite Rithala Metro Station, Swarn Jayanti Park, Sector 10, Rohini, Delhi, 110085

Speciality- The metro walk.

20. GRS fantasy park

GRS fantasy park

Located in Mysuru, Karnataka. GRS fantasy park is your one-stop destination for your family outing. Be it Dragon’s den or the pendulum slide the thrill rides will keep you on the edge of your seat. Or if you are with your family and looking for something a little more chill then you should try the float slide or the lazy river two of the most fan favourites activities. And finally, no water park in India is complete without attractions for children. You can be sure that your child has a wide variety of options to choose from, like kid’s pool, baby train and much more.

Entry Fee-

  Adults Children
Price Rs.849/- Incl. GST Rs. 749/- Incl. GST

Location- KRS Rd, Metagalli, Mysuru, Karnataka 570016

Speciality- Their several water slide options.

21. Funtasia Water Park

Funtasia Water Park

Get your fun caps on because the party never ends at the funtasia water park. With slides, a wave pool, swimming pools and a water ride you will never get bored. Located in the heart of Patna this place sees a lot of people on a regular basis and makes for a great holiday destination. Apart from the rides the park also provides enough area for senior citizens to rest. If you are looking to get out of the mundane routine of work and home, then Funtasia Water Park is a great destination for you and your family, since it is one of the best water parks in India.

Entry Fee-

  Weekdays Weekends
Price Rs.400/- Incl. GST Rs. 500/- Incl. GST

Location- Parsa Bazar – Sampatchak Main Rd, Sampatchak, Bihar 804453

Speciality- They have a wide range of water slides.

So what all can you do at the best amusement parks in India?

We are talking about activities to do and the experiences to take from the water parks in India as well as the other parks. Give your adrenaline the ultimate high. If you like thrill in life then you will love these amusement and water parks.

These parks can be amusement, theme or water parks. Amusement parks are like carnivals for fun with family and friends, amazing rides and games, and food. If you are an adrenaline junkie, these parks are your paradise. With exhilarating rides, amazing experiences, shows, and the food. This place is your escape from your routine mundane hectic lives. So do plan a trip as soon as possible.

Yes, it’s important to have fun and escape the devil- like summer heat. But it’s very important that you take good care of yourselves too. So here are a few tips to keep you covered.

Before you head out to the best water park in India, take care of the following:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots and lots of water.
  2. Don’t wear too many layers of clothing.
  3. Stick to the dress code of the individual parks
  4. Wear a cap and shades for protection.
  5. Use a good SPF sunscreen.
  6. Make sure you don’t eat a lot of food before going for the rides. You don’t want a projectile vomiting situation there.
  7. Be careful about the rides you get on. Some can be thrilly but equally dangerous despite the safety precautions. Adhere strictly to age limits if any.

So hop on the next train/bus or your car or just walk and get to one of these parks and have fun! Go on a roller-coaster of a ride and have a splashy, heat-free day!

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