Top Places For Bungee Jumping In India: Deal Breaker For The Adventurous Soul

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
bungee jumping in India

For all those who watched the movie ‘Up’ and believe in the saying, ‘Adventure is out there’, you know you should prolly push yourself and dive in the adventure pool. For they say it’s never too late, but why wait when you possibly can get the best taste of adrenaline rush soon? Jumping from the highest points in India, gliding through fresh air, your adrenaline rushing, heartbeat racing, and blood gushing through your veins, a sense of fear and excitement exploding in you, a time when you rethink your decision a gazillion times, well, that is what bungee jumping does to you.

So, why do people do bungee jumping, isn’t it scary? Of course, it can be but the things you are scared of are usually the most worthwhile. But what is bungee jumping to the adventure junkies? Why do they sign up for something like that? Because it’s an adventure sport worth every penny, every moment, or just many other things that means something special to them. Thrill seekers who love free falling, absolutely love this activity for it is exhilarating and mind-blowing.

Let’s jump and dive and fly through the sky.

bungee jumping locations in India

Breathtaking jumps, once in a lifetime experience, scared and excited faces, and a thrilled soul; not your everyday kinda thing but is definitely worth striking off your bucket list. For all the moments when your friend told you about their bungee jumping experience and you wished you had done it too. For the times when you missed planning unexpected trips to perfect places and indulging in out-of-the-world adventures.

Don’t you ever wish you could do the unthinkable, maybe just relish in a beautiful experience that you could share as a story? It’s time to buckle up, literally, for the ultimate bungee jumping experience in India. While you are at it, maybe take time to plan and book your adventure ahead, so that you can save. With our list of top places for bungee jumping in India, your holiday is sure sorted. Let’s go on an adventure and bungee jump from the highest point in India.

List Of Top Bunjee Jumping Locations In India

  1. Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh
  2. Gravity Adventure Zone, Goa
  3. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore, Karnataka
  4. Wanderlust, Delhi
  5. Della Adventure in Lonavala, Maharashtra
  6. JumpiN Heights in Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh, Uttarakand

It’s time to go on adventure, one at a time.

1. Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh

Bungee jumping

For all your first times or tryouts, Jagdalpur is the best place for you. Being one of the famous bungee jumping locations in India, this place indeed has a lot to offer. Be it a great experience or a fun journey, the jump zone here is considered easy. This place will help you shed off the fear or anxiety of heights, or maybe even the whole bungee jumping attempt. It’s not just bungy jumping you are signing up for, you can also take a peak of stellar views of majestic mountains and gushing rivers of Chattisgarh when you jump.

Bungee jumping height: 30 Metres
Cost per person: Rs. 300
Best time to visit: May to July and September to October

2. Gravity Adventure Zone, Goa

bungee jumping in goa


The Gravity ozone in Goa is all about pumping up your adrenaline up, real high, you jump from permanent tower rather than a platform. What’s better? It is located near the Anjuna beach in Goa and is considered as one of the best adventure places in India. For all those who stay in Goa or are visiting the place, don’t miss on experiencing the actual bungee jumping in Goa at the gravity zone. There are some strict rules for the people while taking this up. People over 50 can only take part in the jump if they produce a medical certificate of their fitness. Kids below 14 years of age have to produce no objection certificate from their parents.

Bungee jumping height: 25 Metres
Cost per person: Rs. 500
Best time to visit: October to March

3. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore, Karnataka

bungee jumping in Bangalore

If you really plan on going on a thrill ride and thought you could get more pumped or excited, then Bangalore has something incredible in store for you. Well, for starters there’s no fixed platform to jump from rather you jump from a mobile crane. To add up to that, considered one of the best adventure places in India, bungee jumping in Bangalore comes second to the bungee jumping in Rishikesh.

Bungee jumping height: A 40 Metre crane with 25-meter platform below ( Not for the faint-hearted).
Cost per person: Rs. 400
Best time to visit: Throughout the year
Minimum age for participation: 18 Years

4. Wanderlust, Delhi

Bungee jumping in Delhi

For all the decent yet not so scary jumps, bungee jumping in Delhi is the perfect pick for you. All the trainers are highly professional and well trained as per the international bungee jumping standards. Use of best gears inline with the international standards make it one of the safest bungee jumping staff in the country. And what’s totally amazing? You get a certificate along with a t-shirt and a cap after your jump. Avoid monsoon for this sports activity.

Bungee jumping height: 130 ft
Cost per person: Rs. 1500
Best time to visit: October to March
Minimum age to participate: 14 years

5. Della Adventure in Lonavala, Maharashtra

Bungee jumping in Lonavala

At Della adventure park, bungee jumping is one of the most famous attractions. With best of jumping spots for the perfect jump, and the of view of the hill station, you sure wouldn’t want to miss this.

Bungee jumping height: 45 Metres
Cost per person: Rs. 2500
Best time to visit: October to May

6. Jumpin Heights in Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh, Uttarakand

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh has been rated to be one of the best/ preferred bungee spots in India. The platform is built on a rocky cliff, giving it the maximum height, makes it so much worth it for the jump. Rishikesh stands as India’s highest bungee jumping locations in India till date. What gives you a reason not to try out bungee jumping here? If you truly are all that adventurous within you honestly can’t afford to miss this one out.

Bungee jumping height: 83 Metres
Cost per person: Rs. 2500
Best time to visit: Throughout the year

End Notes

Well, that sums up the list of best bungee jumping spots in India. Do gather up all your spirits and give this a shot? That take leap for you never know what you are getting yourself into, you might even thank yourself for it.

Or maybe not? Let’s find out.

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