Cast Your Vote, No Excuse! Right To Vote

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Cast Your Vote, No Excuses!

Elections in India, which is known as one-of-a kind festivity of democracy is happening national-wide. So give your vote — the right weapon to haul-out the society of dishonesty and incompetence of politicians. India’s election is a real chance to shape the country’s politics and decide the future direction for next 5 years.

Right To Vote

Remember, this election will be an opportunity for every citizen of India to express views that are involved in an unlawful case, and decide who is going to lead one of the world’s biggest democratic country and vast emerging economic power of the country — India over the next 5 year term.

Indian elections are the best way to bring about more changes in Indian politics. A vote for a more developed India, for more employment opportunities, more safe place for women, more water, more electricity and a more progressive India is quite significant — all that’s possible with little things — your votes indeed. The impact of your vote that can bring change in this society is huge. Bring an affirmative change in the country’s future by casting your valuable vote.

We, the responsible citizens of India
Don’t think your vote is infinitely small out of 1.2 billion population and 80 million voters who are to cast their votes. Remember every vote of yours’ can make a huge difference. Don’t neglect casting your vote just thinking everyone in the politics is corrupt one way or the other. Instead of sitting at home and cribbing the way the political parities and government for their inaction, it’s all more important to participate in this election and choose the best among the division whom you expect to bring change. Make sure you don’t want to put your time over the 5 year term cribbing the way the Indian government is.

Don’t go busy with your important work
Exercise your right to vote. If you simply skip your vote because you got some important work then call to mind that you don’t have the right to expect things to change. After all, you will have your work all around the year and in a few minutes nothing worked miracles would happen. Come out of your comfort zone to cast your vote.Your vote definitely counts in making a big difference.

Make the right use of your vote
So you planned to take off your annual holiday trip this summer abroad or local? Don’t fail or ignore to choose the right person at any cost. Your vote determines the future of our country. Make it a point to stay your place to vote and effectively use your right. If you don’t bother to vote or choose the right person for some reason, it is you who need to suffer. Make sure your work or be it any reason won’t stop you from casting your vote.

Bring positivity and progress in system
If you are among those who think they are protesting the inaction of government by not giving their votes, then you are wrong. What sort of complaint you make like this? Ensure you make right use of this opportunity and wider chances for hopping better amenities, and to create a more progressive and developed nation.

It’s undeniably believed that 2014 upcoming voter numbers of Parliamentary elections in India will rise significantly with younger when compared to the earlier elections. You dint get your voter ID card yet? The good news is that you can still give your vote. Visit the respective polling booth, inquiry your name and address on the voters list. To cast a vote all you need is a Voter ID card. If you haven’t applied? Just apply online today.

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