If you look back 10 years ago, you will see the Internet was used so rarely by us. Today we use it for communication, conducting business, bank work, and many other activities. E-commerce has recently changed the rules of retail selling by using the internet. The paradigm of e-commerce is not new to Indians anymore. E-commerce came to existence in the US in 1995 and other developed countries quickly adopted it. It took some time for India to understand that people will buy things online. Today e-commerce in India is playing a huge role by connecting buyers and sellers.

Factors that are helping India to contribute to the E-Commerce growth

  • Fast rise in Indian Internet Population
  • The youth of India
  • Technology affordability
  • Convenientt shopping

The Rain Makers of e-commerce in India

When you read about the growth of E-Commerce in India, don’t you want to know who all brought in the revolution in India. Here is the list of Rain Makers in the E-Commerce industry.

Amit Agarwal


Amit Agarwal is commonly known as the Amazon Man of India. He is the former technical advisor (2007-09; he has six patents in the US, while 13 more are pending in the US and eight outside) to Amazon.

Bhavish Aggarwal


Bhavish is the Co-founder and chief executive officer, ANI Technologies, operator of cab aggregator Ola. He does not have his own vehicle and uses only Ola to commute.

Deep Kalra

Deep Kalra

Deep is the founder and Chief Executive of MakeMyTrip. He introduced online travel booking in India and others followed.Today Deep is also a member of National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom), charter member of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), and angel investor.

Deepak Gaur


Gaur is the Managing Director of SAIF Partners. He is well equipped to look at investments in Internet, information technology services, consumer and the industrial space.

Deepinder Goyal

deepinder goyal

Co-founder of Zomato, Goyal brought in a revolution in online food ordering in India. The only idea behind creating Zomato was to change the way people browse restaurants in India. Goyal is not shy to speak on public issues and is very active in Twitter.

Kunal Bahl


Kunal is the co-founder of Snapdeal, which is an e-commerce marketplace. He is a brave entrepreneur as he dared to change his business model. Snapdeal used to deal with deals for restaurants and others. Gradually the business shifted to an online market place.

Mohit Bhatnagar


Mohit is a Managing Director of Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm. He worked in various executive roles before becoming an investor. Bhatnagar has worked for Bharti Airtel Ltd and Ericsson AB and he strongly believes the future is in hyperlocal.

Mukesh Bansal

mukesh bansal

Mukesh Bansal is the head of Flipkart and loves working in a startup. Bansal has a strong believe that the spurt in Internet penetration and mobile phone adoption will boost the growth of e-commerce in the future.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

If you are using Paytm for all kinds of recharge and getting cash back, then you must know that the man behind Paytm is Vijay Shekhar Sharma. “One company differs from other not in ideas and strategy, but only in the speed of execution,” says the entrepreneur, Vijay Shekhar Sharma.


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