Planning to take a fun vacation? Well, traveling is a whole lot of fun, adventure and excitement. And even more so when you are traveling in a group with family ,friends or loved ones! If you are looking forward to travel on a budget and have an amazing time, then traveling in a group is the best decision possible!


Economical Group Travel Plan that Suits Your Pocket

Car Pooling: So, a long weekend is round the corner and you are gearing up to have good times? Carpooling is a great option when you are driving to the holiday spot or hiring a cab/car to reach the airport or railway station. While you travel in group for a road trip or an uphill drive to the nearby hill station, then its best to hire one or two big SUV’s to travel comfortably. This way you can reduce the amount of cash spent on cars and fuel.

Another way which would save money: When you are entering into a national park, monument or zoo, you just have to pay per car if you carpool. Otherwise, you would end up paying fees for each car entering the premises.

Picnics & Pot Luck: If you are on a road trip or traveling to a nearby picnic spot or hill station, then prepare hampers of delicious, easy-to-eat food and finger snacks which will keep up the holiday mood! You can also pack homemade snacks, biscuits, tossed salads, sherbets and sandwiches to enjoy while traveling. It also helps you in cutting on unnecessary food expenses while on the trip.

You can even have a mini potluck lunch on a picnic where everyone contributes one dish and this way can enjoy a big feast at minimal expenses per head!

If you are planning for a camping trip, then you can cook by the bonfire under a starry night sky!

These options will help you cut down on the expenses for eating out at restaurants and takeaways!

Where to stay: When you are planning to travel in group, the best options for stay would be renting house, cabin or cottages. This way you can cut down on the amount of money spent in an upscale boutique hotel.

Nowadays, there are several furnished guest houses and pretty cottages which are given on lease for holidays. Make inquiries before traveling to the particular holiday destination or travel spot, check the facilities offered and confirm the reservations in advance.

Traveling abroad: Whether you are planning a fun bachelorette party or an elaborate sightseeing trip, it is always cheaper to travel with a group. Plan a trip with close friends or family and avail discounts on attractive travel packages which will help you rope in good accommodation, complimentary meals and other frills & perks.

Hope you enjoyed these ways and tricks to save money while you are traveling in a group and still have a great holiday!


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