Rose Day (February 2024) Is Here: Funny “Rosy” Things Going Around!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
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Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

If you are expecting advice on Love

You’re Not gonna find it here, BOO!

Hello, All You Lovey Dovey People Out There, Happy Rose Day!

So, it’s the beginning of the “week of love”. Yes, you heard right. Valentine’s week is here! I hope you are aware that there is a whole week of celebration from the 7th of February till the 14th of February. So, we at GrabOn decided to bring you an interesting series of write for Valentine’s week starting with Rose Day.

New Year onwards, everyone’s been hoping that 2024 will be different, that life will return to normal. Slowly but surely, we are all learning the harsh truth. For the singles of the world, Valentine’s Day is just another harsh truth. You can see them sticking to their couches or their cubicles and avoiding people. Well, to the singles of the world, we, at GrabOn, don’t want to leave you guys out. Here’s an article to make you laugh and remind you how Valentine’s Day can be humorous affair.

Guess what the first day of valentine week is? Rose Day, that’s right! Are you excited? Are you jumping with joy?


The whole concept is quite hilarious when you think about it. Celebrating love for a day is understandable, but a designated day for each “aspect”? Too cheesy, dude!

So, if you’re tired of the whole shindig of gifts, flowers, and cards every year and of course the feeling of being broke after it all ends, then you’ll relate to this:


But, hey! Maybe this year will would be different for you. Valentine Offers I say! You’ll save a fortune with exciting deals and coupons on gifts for each day of the ‘week of love’.

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Buying those gifts can be hard on the pockets. Here are some funny forwards and memes that will get you through the pain. Take a look and leave your comments below.

Here Are Some Memes For Rose Day We Have Enjoyed!

1. Do you have the audacity to say this to your partner?

Do you have the audacity to say this to your partner

2. Are you ready to get killed by your partner? Then try saying this.

Are you ready to get killed by your partner

3. Happy ‘ROSE’ Day :( The Age Old Valentine’s Day Debate- Did Jack have to die???

rose day

4. Losing my head over this….but I guess Lord Stark has already lost his…Oops.

rose day brace yourselves

5. Ain’t nobody can say no to you now!

rose day hobowdat

6.   Prepare for the marathon… So begins the week of cheesy lines, people!rose day

7.  Be my valentine o plomo! It’s difficult to be alone on Valentine’s Day, we feel you.


8. Hate to be the guy/gal in this situation…yeesh! On Valentine’s Day, couples fight but there’s romance in their arguments!


9. AKA Sallu Bhai style #BeingSingle, Netflix Action Marathon alone in pajamas

rose day being single

10. Have you ever had an ex who won’t let go of you? (But now they’re your ex. Irony much?)

stalker girlfriend,roses

11. This one’s just for the desiness in all of us, for the time in our lives when we are using instead of Tinder (“Culture” Alert)

Father meme, roses,violets

12. Date? Of course, I have a date *Throws calendar at you*

rose day office

13. Salute

Thinking out loud: Fella didn’t find a super cool Valentine’s Day Offer. You can tho :)

14. Prevention of Lavaria figured out

15. Oops….It is said!

16. Legit! ;D

17. And finally, Boss Attitude!

18) Here is a meme that depicts the situation of singles and committed people on Rose Day!

Rose DayHope you enjoyed it!

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Keep coming back this week to read more takes on Valentine’s Week. Have a Rosy
Day! Ciao!

This article is a part of our series on Valentine’s Day. 

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