Gone are the days when we had different clothes for different occasions. Now, there is one type of clothing that we are comfortable with, which works anytime and anywhere. Versatile clothing such as harem pants is the future of human fashion. Unlike denims and cargos, these can be worn any time of the year and to any event. They are also extremely durable and can last long once bought.

Harem pants – those loose-fitting yet comfortable pants that originated 2,000 years ago – are now the most practical, stylish, and exceptionally comfortable choice for every woman. There’s an adage: Not every frame can be suitable for every trend. But the harem pants trend is an exceptional choice, which is sure to change the old said thumb rule. Harem pants are becoming one of the most trendy staples that can actually flatter on all body types.

The loose-ish collection with the exclusive Myntra coupon code stands out exceptionally chic and helps create your own fashion statement. So, if you want to grab a fresh and unique fashion sense, Myntra should be your ultimate shopping destination. They offer everything ranging from the corporate classics to smart casuals and accessories. This is sheer bliss, isn’t it!

Well, coming back to harem pants, these baggy fit pants enable women of all ages to comfortably finish a range of household chores, usually when they’re frowned upon with multiple tasks. They have popped up along with the fashion-forward time and entered with the mix of currents trends. Today, this buoyant choice is found everywhere from dressy to the harem and jogging pants. This trend is set to be more versatile and comes in as easy to wear style every day.

It is very easy to slip into this style and complete daily activities in confidence and with ease. Their comfyness and versatile style make you never want to haul off from your wardrobe staples. Getting this most trendy slouchy look will not cost you a pretty penny anymore. The reason is – with GrabOn coupons, you can save on everything, including the most trendy spring collection — drop-crotch pants. Now, you can wear the most fashionable, in-trend clothes without spending a lot of money on them. So, what are you waiting for? Get a few pairs of harem pants!

How to wear Harem Pants right?

Always make sure to adjust the harem pants, so that, they sit comfortably between your hips and waist.

We remind you that harem pants are baggy by nature, but ensure they are not too baggy (that makes your look dodgy).

If you want to pair your harem pants with solid tops or quirky camisoles, you can go with patterned style harem pants.

There’s no general thumb rule to choosing the harem pant length. Just ensure the length you choose goes right with your look — be it a smart or casual look.

If you think added height is needed on your harem outfit, there’s always an option — you can wear heels.

Whether to keep jewelry to minimum or not, it’s up to your choice. The best accessories that go with most harem pants include — neckpiece resting around the neck and some funky bangles.

Be the fashion DIVA with Myntra’s harem collection

If you are looking to give a flamboyant twist to your regular wear, probably, you should head to Myntra’s exclusive collection of harem pants. They are airy, baggy, roomy at an edgy style. You will go extremely stylish with their range of Indo-western trends and parachute pants. Now, this uber-stylish trend can be affordable – use promo codes. Their fabulous collection of harems can be paired with pretty much anything, such as sleeker jackets, tees, and plain Kurtis.


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