We human can be pretty amusing if they want to be. No no, it’s not being stupid but it’s being too superstitious and concocting their own notions about things, people, places and culture. These notions are pretty fun to listen/read to and sometimes it also shows how naive we can get sometimes. If you just glance through, you can find so many notions such as eclipses can affect your health, a sudden silence that every fears to break, sneezing is bad when someone is leaving for important work, changing ships, tanks etc., names will bring bad luck and many more. Interestingly it is a very long amusing list (but then few are simply atrocious).

Travel Myths

But did you know apart from generic myths, people also have some serious myths about traveling as well. Especially if you travel India you will so many funny myths or if people from India are traveling somewhere they will have a myth about it. Let’s list down some of the most amusing myths to some of the least amusing:

1. Street food can make you sick

Really now, how is that possible? Every city/state/country is known for its street food. It is cheap, good quantity and amazing taste. You should never-ever leave a city without having street food, that’s the travel mantra. Obviously being careful about the hygiene and all is important and there are many stalls that gives tasty hygienic food.

2. Carry more clothes

These are those lazy people who want to stuff everything while traveling and ends up carrying much that it becomes a burden. Always travel light – sort out your clothes depending on your days and carry 2-3 extra tees. That’s it, you are sorted for a vacation. More clothes is always a hassle.

3. Everything needs to be planned

Now where’s the fun in that, tell me? Yes, it is good to plan your vacation – from flights to hotels to places to go. But sometimes (most of the times) you don’t have time to see everything and in this hurry you don’t enjoy. It is always good to be organized but when traveling it is best to enjoy where you are and with what you are. ‘Coz traveling is all about enjoyment minus the stress.

4. Don’t get a guide ‘coz internet

Not that you will not find everything and anything online but a guide is someone who is from that city. He/she will know the place better – the attractions, the food, the shopping and everything a local knows not some online site.

5. Women should not travel alone

Women traveling alone is a taboo that people need to get rid of. Yes, traveling alone is a scary thought especially for women but we need to encourage such ideas. Being careful and cautious all that is important, but when you are traveling alone you learn so many things and every individual has a right to travel alone irrespective of the gender.

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