Myntra and Jabong has always been the hot favourites in the online fashion industry. Myntra was known not only for its large collection of fashionable apparel and accessories, but also for their stylish display of products. And for Jabong, customer satisfaction has always been the priority. As for Flipkart, they are that one company which made online shopping popular in India. Now, with Myntra and Jabong joining the Flipkart club, there is no doubt that they are in a preeminent position in the world of e-retail. However, the question is, who’s going to emerge as the next big player?

The Fashion Mania

According to Binny Bansal, co-founder of Flipkart, “Fashion and lifestyle is one of the biggest drivers of e-commerce growth in India. We have always believed in the fashion and lifestyle segment and Myntra’s strong performance has reinforced this faith.” He also added that “This acquisition is a continuation of the group’s journey to transform commerce in India. I am happy that we will now be able to offer to millions of customers a wide variety of styles, products and a broad assortment of global as well as Indian brands.”

Last time when Flipkart acquired Myntra, their position in India’s e-commerce market became stronger. And now, with Jabong under Myntra’s wing, the Flipkart-Myntra-Jabong club’s spot at the top has been reinforced, once again. But, there are lots of other large players in the market. And there are quite a few nagging questions, such as – is this the end of the race to the top? Who will bag the next place after Myntra-Jabong? Will Abof, Voonik, Ajio, Shopperstop and LandmarkShops be able to make their mark? This only time can tell.

But with Arvind Singhal, chairman and managing director of Technopak, hinting at more of such acquisitions in the future, other e-commerce hotshots would definitely try to grab the next highest position(s).


Are Abof, Tata Cliq, Ajio the next leaders in online fashion?


Abof and its 3D virtual trial room

Abof is a strong market player. As the name suggests Abof is All About Fashion. Abof has put together celebrity inspired apparel, footwear and accessories for both men and women. Their greatest USP is their 3D virtual trial room. This is first of its kind in India, which makes all the difference in online shopping. With this kind of service, consumers can definitely have a better idea regarding the look and fit of the product, he/she is going to buy.

Founded In: 2015
Founded By: Aditya Birla Group
Backed By: Aditya Birla Group
Funding: Aditya Birla Group
USP: 3D virtual trial room

Ajio and their hand curated collection

Ajio, is a recently launched e-commerce store, which is looking to take the market by a storm. They have handpicked their collection to make shopping more pleasurable and less time taking. This ensures that the consumers doesn’t require to browse through tons of products before selecting one.

Founded In: 2016
Founded By: Reliance Industries
Backed By: Reliance Industries
Funding: Reliance Industries
USP: 100% handpicked products

Tata Cliq brings only the best

Tata Cliq is another online retail store, recently launched by one of the greatest business giants, Tata Group. It is vying to take the top spot in the client fashion industry, thanks to their vision to provide only the best in fashion and quality. The letter ‘Q’ in their name, which resembles a magnifying glass and represents their ideology of curating only the best.

Founded In: 2016
Founded By: Tata Unistore
Backed By: Tata Group
Funding: Tata Unistore
USP: Curated best brands and products


Can Voonik, ShoppersStop, LandmarkShops make the cut?


Voonik helps you with their fashion experts

Voonik, might be a strong contender for the position since they aren’t simply armed with fashionable and affordable products, but also with their style advise desk. They have personal fashion experts who help consumers in making the right choice, thereby taking the online shopping experience a step forward. Furthermore, they have completely separate stores for men and women. While Voonik caters to the needs of a fashion forward woman, Mr. Voonik is meant for the fashion conscious men. It is a complete solution for all your fashion needs.

Founded In: 2013
Founded By: Sujayath Ali and Navaneetha Krishnan
Backed By: Sequoia Capital
Funding: Seedfund and Sequoia Capital
USP: Fashion experts

LandmarkShops & Shoppers Stop

And then, there are the Landmark shops, Shopper Stop and more, which are already a huge attraction offline. We need to wait and watch who is going to create a buzz next.

Will it be the well known business giants like Tata, Aditya Birla and Reliance or will it be the small contenders like Voonik and Shoppers Stop?

Information on Landmark Shops
Founded In: 2012
Founded By: Micky Jagtiani
Backed By: Aditya Birla Group
Funding: Aditya Birla Group
USP: Affordable and stylish

Information on Shoppers Stop
Founded In: 1991
Founded By: K Raheja Corp Group
Backed By: K Raheja Corp Group
Funding: K Raheja Corp Group
USP: largest number of shops and online stores for hard to reach areas

Although, it is not possible to vouch for it, my personal favourite is Myntra. I think that with its acquisition of Jabong, Myntra’s growth will be distinctly phenomenal. What say you guys?


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