It’s no surprise to anyone that this week is a long weekend, thanks to “father of the nation”. It is evident then everyone is looking for long weekend getaways. However, the places coming up on your list must be the cliched ones. Like Goa, Pune, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Hampi and more such repeated getaway destinations.

How about exploring the long weekend getaways this time?

There are so many virgin places that a lot of us have not been to. So this weekend plans to explore a place you have never been before. Do something different, adventurous and fun. We will give you a list of places that cover the best-undiscovered places of India. Even if you are anywhere near Delhi or Mumbai or Hyderabad or Bangalore, you can pick a place that is close-by to your town. Pick one place from the list, book tickets using Paytm coupons, pack your bags and go explore.

  1. AuliAuli This place is just 500 kms away from Delhi and the best getaway if you live in a busy city called Delhi. Known for Skiing, Trekking and warm cottages – Auli is the place you need to visit now. This also happens to be the best time to visit this place. If you going by road then you will enjoy the best views of some low-key towns for sure. If you happen to go there then don’t miss out on visiting the hills stations nearby and the amazing food.
  2. KhajjiarKhajjiarAlso known as “Mini Switzerland of India”, this place is 570 kms away from Delhi and very near to Dalhousie. It is pretty well-known for its adventurous activities like paragliding, zorbing, trekking, horse-riding, and more. This underrated hill station is best known to be the shooting destination for many Bollywood horror movies. You can book flights and accommodation at amazing prices with Goibibo.
  3. LonarLonarLonar is a town that is situated around a lake. A lake that was formed because a basaltic rock hit this particular spot some 50 thousand years ago. You need to trek a little to get the perfect view of this lake. The best way to enjoy this place is to get a guide who is well-versed with the town.
  4. BhandardarabhandardaraFor people who live in the metro cities of Maharashtra, unwind yourself at Bhandardara – one of the best weekend getaways. It is just 200 kms (actually less) away from Mumbai and the best drive ever. This town is clearly hidden behind the Sahyadris and has best waterfalls. It is also the best time to visit this place.
  5. Bhavani IslandBhavani-IslandThis island is situated in the midst of Krishna river and is one of the biggest river islands. The main attraction of this island is the tree house (or cottages) that will remind you of your childhood. This island is the best way to disconnect with the worldly things and just be with your loved ones.
  6. St. Mary’s Islandstmary_islandTime to travel someplace else Bangaloreans & Hyderabadis. This small island is situated near the coast of Malpe, Udupi. You need to take a ferry to reach the island. and if you get lucky, you might spot a few dolphins in the sea. Watch out for its seafood and calm golden sand beach.
  7. Yarada Beachyarada-beachAnother destination for Southern metro cities is Yarada beach located near Vishakhapatnam. One more golden sand beach that you shouldn’t miss. The main attraction of this beach is the sunrise and sunset apparently it is the most serene sight.

Don’t just sit there, book your long weekend now. Bon Voyage Travellers!


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