Are You a Traveller Or a Tourist?

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Trips can be whatever you want them to be. Be it rediscovering yourself at an unknown place or backpacking through a continent, a trip always has some purpose. Have you ever wondered what kind of traveller you are? As per an English journalist, novelist, and essayist Gilbert K. Chesterton; “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” Different tourist places in India attract different people to travel. But, is being a traveller or a tourist entirely in your hands? Do you know the difference between the two? Find out here, in this article, whether you’re a full-blooded tourist or a traveller.

Well, in simple words, a tourist travels for pleasure and a traveller travels to see and be a part of the place. No matter whether you’re a tourist or a traveller, going on a trip is very exciting. Either way, you get to experience something that you don’t get back home. The difference begins right when you start planning the trip. The tourist will probably have a set itinerary while the traveller will most likely just wing it. Do not forget to check out best discount coupons for MakeMyTrip domestic flight booking and travel packages at page. This way, both travellers and tourists can enjoy their trip without worrying about the expenses.

‘What kind of Traveler are you’ Quiz – Tourist or Excursionist

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Here, we have a quiz that will help you understand what you are: a traveller or a tourist.

1. Before visiting a place, do you research well on what to do there once you reach?

  • Yes
  • No

2. After returning from the trip, what do you do?

  • Arrange photos in an album, upload them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Think about how you had enjoyed the place, and recommend it to other friends and family members.

3. What kind of vacation do you prefer?

  • Guided tour
  • Tour by yourself

4. When you get some free time during your vacation, what do you do?

  • Relax at the hotel lounge
  • Go to nearby places to know something new about it

5. What type of place do you choose for a vacation?

  • A modern city with all facilities available
  • An old city with a rich history

6. What type of transport do you prefer on a holiday?

  • A rented car with you on the entire trip
  • Using local transport

7. What type of food do you like to eat on your holiday?

  • Delicacy types
  • Local cuisine

8. How much luggage do you carry?

  • More than 1
  • Just a bag pack

9. What do you shop from the place you went to?

  • A lot of souvenirs
  • Just one souvenir

10. What kind of places do you like to visit when you reach your travel destination?

  • Tourist Spots
  • Finding new, unexplored places

Now you must be curious to know if you are a traveller or a tourist? So, here we have the answer for you…

If your 6 out of 10 answers are the first option, then, you are a tourist or else you are a traveller.

What is the difference between travel and tourism?

A tourist is one who travels mainly for pleasure and to take some time out of work. They would prefer going to the common tourist places where everybody goes. You can spot them easily, selfie sticks and maps out trying to navigate their way to popular hotspots. Yes, they are safe players. They want cab services, airport pick up and drop facility, delicious food of their choice. On the other hand, a traveller lives and breathes the predominant local culture. He/she uses local transport, digs into the history of the place, eats local food, meets people and cherishes memories. Despite being an outsider, it will be very difficult to spot a traveller amongst locals. They will be busy creating art by means of pictures captured via high-end cameras.

A traveller will often opt for paths not taken and will prefer journeying solo or with locals. A tourist, on the other hand, will mostly be herded with other like-minded fellow tourists. Another major difference between a traveller and a tourist is the kind of souvenirs they get back from their journeys. A tourist will mostly pick up t-shirts and other commercial merchandise. A traveller, on the other hand, will bring back meaningful items such as a rock they engraved something on, items with symbolic significance to the different cultures they experienced. Moreover, the major differentiator between travel and tourism is the comfort factor.

Tourists will opt for connecting flights, cabs, luxurious hotel stays & room service. A traveller’s main agenda is to experience and literally taste and savor the new place and its culture so, comfort is no longer their driving concern. They will opt for long bike rides, camping with a tent under the stars and generally get their hands dirty to make their travel affair a memorable one.

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You may be a tourist or a traveller, but the best part is you are on a journey, maybe one of a lifetime.
Happy Journeys!

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