Your Complete Vacation Planner For 2023!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
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Squeezing out time from your tight schedule is tough. You need to convince your colleagues, your boss and maybe your family too! But, once you’re on the vacation, there’s no looking back. That exhilarating feeling of living a life free of any stress makes you feel so good. Even if you cannot take long leaves, you can plan short trips throughout the year. The best places to visit, the best time to visit and what to do once you’re there, we’ve got you covered. I can promise, it is going to be an interesting read!

Here is the list of long weekend getaways

2021 Complete Vacation Planner

Some travel tips for hassle-free vacation for the long weekend getaways

  • Always check for prices of flights, hotel rooms or vacation packages before you book. Use price comparison websites to do so.
  • When in doubt, approach travel agent for help. They provide you with best options available with discounted rates.
  • Travel smart with minimal baggage, which provides comfortability.
  • Set a travel budget to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Sometimes, it’s best to travel to offseason, which gives allows you to pay less for travel and accommodation fare. Check out OYO Rooms for best offers.
  • Travelling with family and friends is always fun. At times, it’s economical as some of the hotels offer a discount on group booking.
  • Have a checklist for the things to carry.
  • These days driving vacation is popular as air travel is costly. So, plan ahead for the road trips.
  • Carry the necessary documents like passport, hotel bookings reference documents and travel tickets.

Have a safe vacation this year

Travelling needs to be safe. Always choose sanitised cabs and keep a stock of masks so you don’t run out. Many travel websites also have introduced COVID safe vacations. Like MakeMyTrip’s Special Bubble holidays let you book a COVID free vacation package where you get access to sanitised cabs, Charter flights with middle row vacant, MySafety assured luxury stays and more. Moreover, the travellers are also tested for COVID so they make sure there is no risk of infection. This vacation is already available for Goa and will be available soon for other places too. And when you book a holiday vacation, then don’t forget to check out the MakeMyTrip discount coupons which will help you save while you travel.

Did you like the list of places for long weekend getaways? Would you like to mention any place we missed out on? Sound off in the comments below. Keep travelling, keep saving, cheers to a great 2023 :) For saving more while on the go and for the best deals and offers, download the GrabOn app.

<div class='toc'><ul><li><a href=#Here-is-the-list-of long-weekend-getaways><b>Here is the list of long weekend getaways</b></li><p>  <a href=#Some-travel-tips-for-hassle-free-vacation-for-the-long-weekend-getaways>Some travel tips for hassle-free vacation for the long weekend getaways</p></ul></div>

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