10 Best Car Repair Services That Will Help You, When No One Else Will!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Best car repair services

If you own a car and love to drive around town, then you probably have run into car problems at some point in time. And doesn’t it feel like the most helpless point in our life, no repair shop for miles at an end? Then you wonder, there should be car repair services that can help you out. Well, there are many but when it comes to your car, you need nothing less than the genuine stuff. But how can you tell, if you are getting the right parts or not? Building trust with the service provider is key when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and yourself. So, this blog will take you over the best car repair services in India.

Top 10 Car Repair Services in India

If you have wandered into this blog in the quest of looking for a great car repair service, then congratulations you are at the right place. And I hope it’s not because you got into an accident and is just part of your future plans. So, here is a list of the best car repair services around the nation.

S No. Service provider Contact
1. GoMechanic Email – Info@goMechanic.com

Phone No. +91 9388893888

2. Carzzspa Email – customercare@carzspa.in

Phone No. +91 99040 89900

3. BOSCH car services Visit the website and fill the form.
4. MyTVS Email – help@myTVS.com

Phone No. +91 80 1024 1024

5. Castrol Auto Services Visit the website and fill out the form.
6. 3m car care Phone No. 1800-300-22-300
7. Pitstop Email – help@getpitstop.com

Phone No. 626262-1234

8. Car Easy Email – hr@careasy.in

Phone No. +91 7483155933

9. Carpathy Email – support@carpathy.com

Phone No. +91 8882110011

10. VehicleCare Email – support@vehiclecare.in

Phone No. +91 9911-0202-09

1. GoMechanic

GoMechanic is the pioneer when it comes to the best car repair services. They are spread throughout the country, and this network of garages and repair stores is how GoMechanic delivers such superior service to people all over the nation. To make the daily lives of car owners even simpler, they have introduced an app. Now you can just put in some details and they will come to restore your car or even provide pick up service.

They also have a library of offers for new customers and membership programs that seemed alluring. And if that wasn’t enough, you can discover more discounts and coupons by visiting our website.

Car – Any car

Services– Periodic services, Detailing & Painting, Batteries, Car Spa and cleaning, AC service and repair, Clutch & fitments and much more.

Price – Competitive pricing.

Location – PAN India

What do we like?

  • They have really great membership plans that offer great benefits.
  • They offer a huge library of services to their customers.
  • Their car pick up service makes life a lot easier for car owners.
  • They are offering 1 month/1000 Km warranty on all their services.
  • They only use OEM/OES spare parts, so you can be sure about authenticity.

2. Carzzspa

Carzzspa started in 2006 at Surat after the floods in Gujrat. They have come a long way since then, expanding their reach all over the country. According to them, there is a huge gap between repairing services offered by local stores and professional-grade repair services. And they are filling this gap through unparalleled services that they offer.

With 15 years of expertise, Carzzspa has got it down to the details on how to make your experience better. Whether you own a luxury car or even a daily commute. At Carzzspa you and your car will be treated like royalty.

Car – Any Car

Services – Washing services, Car detailing services, Crystal shield ceramic coating, graphene ceramic coating, AEGIS paint protection film, Intensive interior cleaning.

Price – Value for money.

Location – PAN India

What do we like?

  • You will definitely have a great customer service experience.
  • Their studios are spread across India, so finding one won’t be difficult.
  • Only the top of the line products are used on your car.
  • They are the best at exterior modifications for a car.

3. BOSCH car services

Would you rely on a newcomer to service your brand new and expensive car? Of course, anyone would want an expert to work on their car. At BOSCH you get the exact thing, they have employed the best in their craft mechanics and staff who are well seasoned with cars and how to increase their performance. BOSH has successfully injected itself as one of the best service providers in India. You can find one of their service centres in every state, and finding them is easier than ever because of their website where they have listed all their centres.

With over 100 years of delivering excellent spare parts and service, they are the choice every car owner should make. Aside from repairing your car they also provide in-depth guides for car owners to understand their cars properly.

Car – Any car.

Services – Inspection and checks, Electronic services, Engine services, Brake services, Car repair services.

Price – Affordable and fair.

Location – They have BOSCH workshops all over India.

What do we like?

  • They operate across 150 counties with 15000 workshops, so you can expect world-class services.
  • More than 250 workshops in India, so you will always find a workshop with ease.
  • They only deal in genuine BOSCH spear parts.
  • They use cutting edge technology for repairs, so you can expect fast delivery and efficient service.
  • They have a vast range of services.

4. MyTVS

If anyone has not heard of MyTVS then they can thank me later. They are your one-stop-shop for all your car-related needs. Be it a new headlight or a windshield wiper, they have got it all. Apart from being a car mechanic service provider they also have an e-commerce website, where they sell all sorts of products that you might need for your car.

Present in every state of India, they have only grown in popularity because of their services which are value for money and A1 quality. Additionally, they have won multiple awards like “Best auto accessories brand of the year”, “Indian multi-brand parts and accessories competitive strategy, innovation and leadership award” and many more.

Car type – Any car.

Services – Doorstep complete car spa, doorstep interior detailing, car repair, engine repair, brake repair and more.

Price – They have very competitive pricing.

Locations – They operate all over the country.

What do we like?

  • They offer doorstep services for their customers.
  • It’s very easy to acquire genuine parts through their online portal.
  • They also have an app for a better customer experience.
  • Anyone can find great deals and offers here.
  • They have certified specialists for every requirement.

5. Castrol Auto Services

The next entry is from Castrol. If you haven’t heard of them, they are one of the leading producers of fluids for vehicles. And they managed to stay on top with quality products and service. So with great confidence, anyone who is familiar with their services will definitely recommend them for all car/bike fluid changes.

Alongside having a rich history, they are trusted by every generation through the years. Additionally, they have also started offering doorstep services for their customers, which makes changing fluids for your car very convenient. Or you can visit one of their workshops which are spread throughout the country.

Car Type – Any car.

Services – Car engine oil & fluid change, auto repair, interior cleaning and more.

Price – You will find the best prices in the market.

Locations – They are available in all states and regions of the country.

What do we like?

  • They offer doorstep servicing.
  • They have 10+ years of expertise.
  • They have a huge range of oils & fluids for your car and bike’s performance.
  • They have a lot of workshops all over the country.
  • They offer affordable pricing for their services.

6. 3m car care

With workshops all over the globe 3m car care brings you the best in terms of service and quality. If you were looking for the best service for your car then this is it. In addition to workshops, they also offer doorstep solutions for your automotive needs. Be it wash & wax or car engine treatment they can do it all.

They have trained and certified mechanics, who will take care of your car as if it was their own. In addition, they also have a wide range of products for your car which will help you clean and maintain your car’s health, interior and exterior. And as the years pass they are only growing in popularity and credibility.

Car type – Any car.

Services – Wash & wax, interior treatment, exterior treatment, anti-rust treatment, car engine treatment, 3M car wraps, roof tera mastana(change the vinyl on the roof), 3M paint protection film, ceramic coating, 3M acoustic solutions.

Price – Best in the market.

Locations – They have workshops all over India.

What do we like?

  • They offer doorstep service.
  • They have a wide range of useful car care products.
  • They offer a lot of car modification options.
  • They have a great customer support team to help you out.

7. Pitstop

Coming up next is Pitstop, with an interesting name it literally is a pitstop for your car because of its fast servicing and delivery. They are one of the fastest-growing car repair service providers in India. With multiple workshops in all the major cities, they have become the meaning of perfection.

Choosing Pitstop over others will get you genuine parts, a service warranty and the most skilled technicians. Apart from being one of the pioneers in car servicing, they are also working with some of the market leaders like Shell, BOSCH and many more. Additionally, for coupons and offers for your next visit to Pitstop check out our website.

Car type – All cars are serviced and repaired here.

Services –  Inspections, general services, repairs, body repair, car AC repair.

Price – Pocket friendly and affordable.

Locations – Bangalore, Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Noida, Faridabad, Gaziabad, Agara, Darbhanga, Indore.

What do we like?

  • They provide very fast car service and delivery.
  • They also offer doorstep servicing.
  • Their app aids in booking an appointment.
  • 250+ garage partners all over India.

8. Car Easy

It would be surprising if you haven’t seen the TV ad with the catchy song these guys have put out. Well, apart from having a great advert, they also have great service especially according to customer reviews. Car Easy offers a free pick up and drop off service where they will come and pick up your car and after servicing they will return it on time as well, while you can rest. They have gotten s because of their humble services and credibility.

Car Easy makes your life a lot easier by introducing convenient services that will you save time and money. They operate in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. In case the ad or this blog did not convince you, I hope these additional offers will.

Car type – All cars are serviced and repaired here.

Services – Periodic car service, car cleaning and detailing, wheel & rim care, denting and painting services.

Price – Budget-friendly,

Locations – Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore.

What do we like?

  • You get a warranty on each repair and car service.
  • All their services are affordable and reliable.
  • Guaranteed 90 minutes checkup.
  • They only use genuine OEM/OES spare parts.
  • Free pickup and drop service.

9. Carpathy

Up next is Carpathy. With an impressive list of services, it seems they have the solution to all your problems. And an even more impressive network of 1000+ garages across 40 cities, so you don’t have to wait long for one. In addition, they also offer free pickup and dropoff facilities to their customers. Choosing Carpathy means you get best in class equipment, genuine OEM, OES parts and a 1000 KM or 1-month service warranty.

Aside from car repair services, they also offer membership plans for all of their customers that are Gold Pass and Silver Pass. In the Gold Pass, you receive 10000 Rs worth of services for just 1499/annum and the Silver Pass gets you 7500 Rs worth of services for just 999/annum.

Car type – Any and all cars are welcome here.

Services – AC gas top-up, AC/heater service, car AC repair, general service, custom repairs, suspension overhaul, clutch overhaul, denting and painting, full-body paint, external cleaning, car spa, complete car detailing, alignment & balancing.

Price – Best bang for your buck.

Locations – Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad.

What do we like?

  • They have great membership plans.
  • You get exclusive deals on insurance claims; without any filing charges.
  • They provide a 1000KM/1 month warranty on service.
  • They offer their services in a very affordable range.

10. VehicleCare

Just as the name suggests, these guys are the da Vincis of car mechanics and provide AI-based solutions to simplify car repair issues for their customers. For anyone asking why choose VehicleCare over other options? Well, because they are reliable yet affordable, trained and seasoned, easy scheduling as per your convenience and of course you get 24×7 support.

VehicleCare offers free pickup and dropoff options, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of driving all the way to the workshop. Additionally, they only use genuine OEM/OES spares for all the modifications and repairs, so you can put your trust in them.

Car type – They service any and all types of cars.

Services – Car wash, wheel care, car AC repair, car battery, denting & painting, custom repairs, periodic service and insurance claims.

Price – They offer very affordable services.

Locations – They operate all over the country.

What do we like?

  • They only use OEM/OES parts for their repairs.
  • They provide pickup and drop facilities.
  • With VichleCare you get constant updates on your service.
  • They provide 30 days warranty on their services.

The best car repair services in different states

India is a developing country and so are these companies, so the workshops for the above companies might be inaccessible to you. But worry not because I have got your back with a list of automotive shops according to major cities in India.


As the years have passed, Hyderabad has seen unparalleled development and as it happens many more people have migrated to Hyderabad. Because of this, the demand for quality services has skyrocketed, so to help you out in these tough times here is a list of the best car repair service providers in Hyderabad.

  • GoMechanic
  • Saboo RKS
  • Meter Per Second
  • Autonovill
  • Mak motors
  • Hai Zoom car


As the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has seen a lot of growth in terms of infrastructure, public services and much more. And who does not know about the traffic in Bangalore where your car might break down at some point, in that situation you should know which is the best place to take your car for repair.

  • G4auto
  • Gativan
  • GoMechanic
  • Carpathy
  • Gobumper
  • Pitstop


Mumbai is known for two things the celebrities and long-long traffic queues. It’s always a good idea to know the best places to get your car repaired or serviced. Here is a list of the best places you can get your car serviced.

  • GoMechanic
  • CarFixo
  • Pitstop
  • SuperMechanic
  • Car Doctor


Our capital and the heart of the country, Delhi is also jam-packed with traffic everywhere you go. But finding a good car mechanic can be difficult, so here is a list of great car repair service providers in Delhi.

  • GoMechanic
  • Pitstop
  • Gaadizo
  • Servicemyride
  • Pitcrew
  • Road-Mech

To end things on a good note if you are done with finding the right automotive shops then take a look at the best car phone holders, 10 best car vacuum cleaners, 10 best car reverse cameras in India and 10 best car perfumes in India.

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