12 Best Milk Delivery Apps in India for Milk Subscription

by Praneeth
Best Milk Delivery Apps

Milk delivery apps allow you to have your milk (and other items too!) delivered right to your door, eliminating the need to go to the grocery store or wait in line. With these daily milk delivery apps, you can be sleeping, or enjoying your productive morning, and the milk would be silently delivered without even needing you to step out.

However, with the abundance of such apps, which one do you trust and install? To help you with that, we have come up with this list of best milk delivery apps in India.

Top 12 Milk Delivery Apps In India Regions Covered
bbdaily Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune
Milkbasket Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Chennai, Ghaziabad
Country Delight Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Noida, Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad
FTH Daily Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore
Supr Daily Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad.
DailyNinja Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune
Akshayakalpa Organic Milk Bangalore, Chennai
Sid’s Farm Secunderabad/ Hyderabad
Gyan Kanpur, Lucknow
Fresh Milk & Grocery Coimbatore Coimbatore, Tiruppur, and Mettupalayam
Milk n More Eluru (Andhra Pradesh)
Farm Finest Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad

Best Milk Delivery Apps

To rank these online milk delivery apps, we considered their geographical regions, play store rating, popularity, milk varieties offered, morning delivery time, last ordering time, other delivery categories, and more.

1. bbdaily

bbdaily“Milk subscription process is very smooth and very satisfactory. Kudos for keeping it simple.” – Paritosh Maithil

  • Locations Covered: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune.
  • Download On Android & iOS

A product of reliable brand TATA, bbdaily, with 5 million+ downloads and a superb rating of 4.6, has to be the best milk home delivery app in India. Leveraging industry-level packaging and storing processes, bbdaily is able to deliver fresh milk at your doorstep before 7:00 AM.

While it may not offer an “order until midnight” provision like Milkbasket, it still offers a decent time of (until) 10:00 PM to place an order. With bbdaily, you can also buy freshly baked breads & buns, eggs, and non-veg items like fresh fish, meat and more.

bbdaily daily milk delivery app comes with no minimum order amount, and is extremely easy to use (subscribe – pause & resume anytime). Besides milk and other mentioned products, bbdaily houses 5000+ products, 1000+ brands, and having delivered 25 million orders makes it a great overall delivery app.

bbdaily would be soon expanding its horizon as it’s planning to launch itself into Lucknow Kanpur, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada Guntur, Chandigarh Tricity, Patna, Indore, and Kochi.

2. Milkbasket

Milkbasket“Milkbasket has simplified my daily milk purchases. Their delivery is also reliable and on time.” – Shini Edison

  • Locations Covered: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Chennai, Ghaziabad
  • Download On Android & iOS

Offering all top milk brands to choose from including Amul, Mother Dairy, Nandini, Saras, Aavin, Jersey, Heritage. Thirumala, and Akshayakalpa, Milkbasket with a brilliant play store rating of 4.4 from 1 million+ downloads is one of the best milk online delivery apps in India.

Milkbasket offers 40 different milk varieties to choose from, order until midnight provision, delivery by 7 am, instant refunds to dissatisfied customers, and no minimum purchase requirement. Milkbasket team provides silent doorstep delivery, ensuring that you keep enjoying your productive morning (or a sleepy one) undisturbed.

Apart from milk, you can order daily essentials, fresh fruits, and vegetables using Milkbasket’s milk delivery app. With these mobile apps, you can also track & manage your expenses, set vacation time offs, create repeat orders, and enjoy top discounts on popular everyday items.

3. Country Delight

Country Delight“Milk quality is really superb, especially Cow and Buffalo milk. I have been a country delight user for three years now, and I am fully satisfied with the quality, service, and rate.” – Ashish Rathod

  • Locations Covered: Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Noida, Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad
  • Download On Android & iOS

There is a good chance that you might have  come across Country Delight’s marketing ads bragging about thick cream on their milk. Talking to many Country Delight users, I found this to be surprisingly true. That’s why Country Delight makes it to the top of our best milk home delivery apps list.

Sourced locally, and containing no preservatives, additives or emulsifiers, Country Delights provides natural, farm-to-table milk, including Desi Gir, Sahiwal Cow, and Murrah Buffalo milk. The company tests milk on more than 26 parameters at an FSSAI approved lab, transports it cold, and delivers it at doorstep within 24-36 hours of milking between 5:00 am – 8:00 am. To get milk or other stuff the next morning, you need to place an order before 10:00 pm.

Country Delight’s app comes with standard subscribe and forget functionality, allows setting up delivery frequency, provides complete management of orders and subscription, features a vacation mode, and supports all major payment options. The app also provides personalized recharge packs, cashbacks on recharges, and detailed monthly bill tracking.

Apart from milk, you can order premium quality fruits and vegetables, antibiotic-free eggs, freshly-baked breads and groceries from Country Delight.

4. Supr Daily

Supr Daily“Best option for regular milk & groceries. The customer care is quick enough to take action against any product damage too.” – Shoyeb Shaikh

  • Locations Covered: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad.
  • Download On Android & iOS

While Supr Daily milk ordering app may not boast of 40 different milk varieties like Milkbasket app, it allows ordering eggs & breads too (daily necessity of many people), offers a faster checkout experience, allows for better order customization, and performs rigorous quality checks.

Supr Daily’s online milk delivery app features a ‘Subscription’ option, which allows you to set a grocery delivery schedule. For example, you can get a packet of milk daily, or have curd delivered on alternate days, or a dozen eggs over the weekend.

Like the Milkbasket app, Supr Daily requires no minimum order value. Supr Daily is also great for ordering fruits, vegetables & other daily essentials. If you want a daily milk delivery app that doubles up as a fruit & vegetable ordering platform too, we recommend Supr Daily as it sources locally and conducts 7-step quality checks on fruits & vegetables. For those who would order daily essentials, Milkbasket might be a better one as it runs discounts on daily essential items.

5. FTH Daily

FTH Daily“Great milk delivery. Very easy to use app. Easy to cancel too!”  – Promodh Pullaikodi

  • Locations Covered: Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore
  • Download On Android & iOS

Imagine if you could choose from 70+ varieties of milk! That’s what FreshToHome’s free milk delivery app stands out for. You can order whole cow milk, lactose-free milk, organic milk, raw milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, camel milk and more with the FTH Daily app, which crushes the second best competitor Milkbasket by 75% in terms of milk varieties available. Its flash sales, free delivery, and reasonable pricing make it great for those on budget.

Another thing that stands out about FTH Daily is how it allows you to choose a delivery time slot of anywhere between 5:00 – 7:00 AM. For those who enjoy their tea or coffee early in the morning, having early delivery provision is great.

Like Milkbasket, FTH Daily app also allows for tracking & managing expenses, tracking deliveries, and pausing or resuming subscription as and when needed. Besides milk, FTH Daily can be used to order fish, seafood, meat, fresh fruits & vegetables, organic products, fresh fruit juice, personal care products, and other essentials.

What we don’t like about FTH Daily is that it’s only available across 3 Indian cities, and has no presence across Northern India cities (so Milkbasket might be a better choice for them!).

6. DailyNinja

DailyNinja“I have been using the DailyNinja app for over 2 months now and am very happy and satisfied with the milk delivery service. On time delivery, scheduling the delivery when out of town is a great feature. Love the app. Cheers!!!”  – Kiran Savadatti

  • Locations Covered: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune
  • Download On Android

DailyNinja app with no minimum order guarantees milk delivery by 8 am. The app also allows you to order other daily necessities like eggs, bread, milk, curd etc.

DailyNinja app allows ordering for a day and a subscribe option, offers both cash and online payment mode, provides complete tracking with advanced calendar mapping, and sends alerts regarding deals or flash sales or personalized offers. Also, you can make amendments to your subscriptions as and when you need, and get instant support using in-app support features.

On the not so positive side, DailyNinja hasn’t made their last ordering time public. Also, the app enjoys mixed reviews, with many reviewers complaining about its customer support.

7. Akshayakalpa Organic Milk

Akshayakalpa Organic Milk“All the items are very Good. I have tried Milk, curd, buttermilk and Paneer and I loved all of them. Price is a bit costly but it’s worth it…”  – Avinash Gaidhankar

  • Locations Covered: Bangalore, Chennai
  • Download On Android & iOS

Bangalore and Chennai residents can subscribe to a daily delivery of fresh organic cow milk using Akshayakalpa Organic Milk app. The milk has been certified to be organic by APEDA and Canadian Organic Standards, and undergoes 16 tests at the farm for testing antibiotics traces.

This mobile app for milk delivery comes with no minimum order, free door delivery, customized subscription, and delivery provision of as early as 4:30 am. Akshayakalpa Organic Milk is a farmer entrepreneurship initiative, which allows you to also order curd, ghee, butter, paneer, and artisan cheese.

On the not so bright side, Akshayakalpa Milk app is only available across two Indian cities. We would love to see this brand branch out to more and more cities. Also, to get the next day’s morning delivery, you should place an order today before 5:50 pm, which is way earlier than most daily milk delivery apps’ last ordering time. We hope that Akshayakalpa would do something about this.

8. Sid’s Farm

Sid's Farm“I tried milk paneer,curd and buttermilk so far and I must say they are amazing”  – Priyanka Bhattacharya

  • Locations Covered: Secunderabad/ Hyderabad
  • Download On Android & iOS

If you stay in the twin cities of Hyderabad or Secunderabad, stop searching for “best daily milk delivery near me” when Sid’s Farm application is there. Just install it, and get delivered premium quality milk (cow milk, buffalo milk, and skim milk) free from preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones, or other adulterants.

To accomplish this, Sid Farm procures fresh from local farmers, tests milk for 26 parameters using its state-of-the-art technology, and carries out milk transportation in a temperature-controlled environment.

Its application offers subscribe and forget functionality, pause option, easy and instant recharge, frequent cashback and offers, and detailed access to billing history – all under a simple and clean navigation.

Apart from milk, you can order amazing dairy products with Sid’s Farm app like cow or buffalo curd, delicious buttermilk, richly aromatic and daanedaar cow and buffalo ghee, soft and fresh paneer, or their homemade-like unsalted butter.

9. Gyan

Gyan“ I have been using this app for more than 6 months… And not even a single day milk reached late – that shows 100% dedication.. ”  – Azmat Khan

  • Locations Covered: Kanpur, Lucknow
  • Download On Android & iOS

Operating exclusively in the city of Nawab Lucknow and IIT city Kanpur, Gyan milk home delivery app provides timely delivery of milk (full cream milk and toned milk) either through hand to hand or ring the bell delivery option. Along with milk, you can order breakfast necessities (eggs, breads, buns, rusks, etc.) and dairy products such as paneer, eggs, bakery, butter, danedar desi ghee, cow ghee, dahi, chaach, lassi, milk shakes etc.

To get a next day delivery, you would need to place an order online before 9:30 PM, which would then get delivered before 8 AM tomorrow. We are glad that Gyan app is offering a much better booking duration than Bangalore’s popular Akshayakalpa Organic Milk app.

Like most milk delivery apps, Gyan app comes with no minimum order, zero delivery cost, subscribe and forget functionality, support for all major payment methods, 100% money back guarantee, and vegetables & fruits delivery. What’s different (and great) about it is how it offers frequent app discounts and cashback offers, and amazing offers on products and recharges.

10. Fresh Milk & Grocery Coimbatore

Fresh Milk & Grocery Coimbatore“Excellent service with timely delivery. Milk, ghee, honey – all taste really good. ”  – Arthi S

  • Locations Covered: Coimbatore, Tiruppur, and Mettupalayam (Tamil Nadu)
  • Download On Android

Covering Tamil Nadu cities of Coimbatore, Tiruppur, and Mettupalayam, Fresh Milk & Grocery is a reliable app for milk home delivery, dairy products delivery, and grocery & daily essentials. It offers free home delivery (in these operating regions), contactless doorstep delivery in the early morning within 6.00 AM, and easy subscribing experience.

Housing  500+ products with  25000+ satisfied customers, Fresh Milk & Grocery app is a great milk delivery app for Tamil Nadu people.

However, the brand has neither made its last delivery time clear nor made it clear if they provide free delivery. We would update this section in case they decide to update this information. Another not so nice thing is that the Fresh Milk & Grocery app isn’t available for the Apple ecosystem, meaning you can’t place an order from Apple devices.

11.Milk n More

Milk n More“ The best part I like here is having the complete information about the milk delivered to me, it’s origin, cattle health & food history” – Manimala Thumpati

  • Locations Covered: Eluru (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Download On Android

Milk n More Android app delivers farm fresh purest milk, free from steroids, adulteration & alteration. Whether it’s buffalo, cow, or goat milk, you can have it all delivered to you, that too twice-a-day, morning & evening. Unlike most milk delivery apps, Milk n More procures milk directly from small scale farmers who let their cattle roam, feed them natural fodder, and treat them with love.

What makes the Milk n More app stand out is how it provides complete information about milk including its origin, farmer details, cattle species & its health history, and timeline details for milking, procurement, bottled and delivery. In fact, the brand is so proud of their transparent model that they even invite their customers for a real field visit (a big deal for sure!).

However, this milk delivery app is super local, lacks iOS support, doesn’t mention delivery timings upfront, and isn’t as feature rich as other apps.

But you live in Eluru, Milk n More is hands down the best free milk delivery app for you. Apart from milk, you can order farm fresh vegetables, a variety of veg and non-veg pickles, fresh healthy country eggs, and non-veg items like chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, and crabs using its application.

12.Farm Finest

  • Farm FinestLocations Covered: Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad
  • Web App: Farm Finest

Farm Finest’s web application allows you to subscribe to all popular milk types including cow, A2 gir, and buffalo milk. Similar to many other milk subscription apps, it delivers farm fresh milk free from harmful chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. This doorstep milk delivery offers a free sample to its first-time customers, so you can taste milk before subscribing.

What sets Farm Finest unique is how they employ ultra-soft filters for retaining good nutrients like calcium, vitamins and protein. This same processing technology also removes bad stuff like excess sugar. We also love how Farm Finest’s team supports their farmers with various programs and access to specialists.

However, this milk delivery web app offers no true mobile applications. Also, like the Milk n More app, it doesn’t mention delivery timings upfront. Additionally, Farm Finest delivers just the milk, so you can’t use it to order vegetables, fruits, groceries, and more.


After reading this blog, you should have a clear idea about the best milk delivery apps in India. We have filtered the list based on various factors to make it easier for you to choose the right one for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Download one of the milk delivery apps and start enjoying your mornings with fresh milk at your doorstep!

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