13 Best Meat Delivery Apps in India

by Rupesh Kumar
Best Meat Delivery Apps in India

Buying meat locally can be chaotic and confusing as to which vendor to buy from and the hygienic and quality standards are the main concerns for many. So, in order to make the process hassle-free, there are firms that deliver the best quality meat at your doorstep. Here, we have listed some of the best meat delivery apps that can bring you fresh meat every time you order at the best price.

Top 13 Best Meat Delivery Apps in India

For all meat and seafood lovers, here we have segregated the best meat delivery apps available in India at the best price. So, go through the list and choose your most suitable app.

1. LiciousLicious

Founded in 2015, this Bangalore-based brand, Licious is one of the prominent players in the online meat delivery service in India. The company’s motive is to give its customers the best meat possible with quality assured. It operates in almost all the major cities in India like Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.

Licious not only restricts itself to delivering meats, it even has a wide range of categories of meat products that offer chicken, mutton, seafood, eggs, cold-cut meat products, etc. It even offers ready-to-cook meat varieties like afghani chicken, prawns, kebabs, and other meat delicacies.

The uniqueness of Licious is, all of its meat products are FSSC 22000 certified that go through 150+quality checks in its world-class central production unit. For all the meat fans, to enjoy unlimited free delivery and frequent cashback join Licious Meatopia.

What we like about Licious

  • No minimum order value and free delivery on orders above Rs 699. You can also use exclusive and verified coupons from Licious to save more on your order, or receive benefits like free shipping, cashback, and more.
  • All the packages are vacuum sealed to retain the quality.
  • Has a user-friendly app with fantastic features that make the ordering procedure really simple and easy.

2. TenderCutsTenderCuts

Based out of Chennai, TenderCuts is an Omni channel meat retailer brand and is one of the fastest-growing firms in India. It provides both online and in-store facility to deliver a superior quality meat to its customer. It currently operates in three major cities that are Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

TenderCuts offers a vast range of fresh and juicy meat products like chicken, mutton, seafood, cold cuts, and different types of eggs such as brown eggs, quail eggs, etc. Additionally, it offers different cuts of meat for you to choose from. Apart from this, TenderCuts even provides pickles, species, dry fish, oils, marinated meat, sauces, spreads, and ready-to-cook items.

TenderCuts strive to provide fresh meat by partnering with best local farming and fishing communities to ensure the customer gets fresh and healthy meat. All the meat from TenderCuts follow a strict WHO guideline that meets its FSSAI quality standards. To preserve the freshness, TenderCuts uses an Ice gel pad technology that helps to eliminate microbes that keeps the meat fresh and healthy. For unlimited free delivery and discounted prices, you can subscribe to their Elite subscription plan and get up to Rs 50 off using Tender Cuts coupon codes.

What we like about TenderCuts

  • Uses RO water to clean its meat products.
  • All of its meat ranges are antibiotic-free, farm fresh, hormone-free, and locally procured products.

3. FreshToHomeFreshToHome

FreshToHome is a leading e-commerce platform in India that offers a vast range of products, including meat, safely delivered at your doorstep. Some of the products in the meat segment include fresh chicken, mutton, Poultry, seafood, ready to cook, eggs, pickles, gravies, duck meat, curries, and marinades. It even has a category that provides fruits, sliced vegetables, and other veg ready to eat items like instant paratha, etc.

FreshToHome is available in several parts of the country like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc. Apart from India, it even operates in different cities of UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and many more cities in UAE.

FreshToHome ensures that the customer gets 100% fresh and natural, chemical and antibiotic-free meat that is ethically raised and grown. All of its meat and food products are certified by top labs in Asia which further ensures quality.

What we like about FreshToHome

  • Free delivery on all orders above 799, and the deal of the day section is something you shouldn’t be missing. Besides this, Fresh To Home offers promo codes to its first-time users that can be used to get additional discounts, free shipping, etc.
  • The VIP plan has great offers, and opting for this would definitely save you some cash on every order. Some benefits include unlimited free home delivery, access to member-only offers, and deals.

4. FipolaFipola

Fipola is one of the fastest-growing online meat delivery firm that delivers premium quality meat at your doorstep. Based out of Chennai, Fipola is India’s first modern meat retail company. It operates in major cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Bengaluru.

Fipola offers an unlimited choice of meats such as chicken, mutton, seafood, marinades, ready-to-fry, spreads, cold-cut meats, ready-to-cook, eggs, dry fish, vegan keema, etc. Its vast range of product offerings even has pickles, canned seafood, and imported frozen sea foods.

Another reason to choose Fipola is because of its quality meats that are free from chemicals, preservatives, are freshly cut and are Halal certified. The quality of meat in Fipola is defined by its cold chain technology for ensuring freshness, and its stringent process of cleaning and packaging. by its

What we like about Fipola

  • It guarantees 90 minutes of delivery for all orders.
  • All the meat products of Fipola have ISO, HACCP, and FSSAI certifications.
  • A flat 50% off on all the meat products.

 5. DunzoDunzo

Dunzo a Bangalore-based firm, operates 24/7 and is known for its pioneered business model that provides pick-up and delivery services. It delivers various items like meat, grocery, food, medicines, pet supplies, fruits and vegetables, and health and wellness at your doorstep. It even provides services like sending items and packages from one end of the city to another. In other words, Dunzo is an umbrella brand that offers various products and services under a single brand name.

Coming to meat delivery, Dunzo has been associated with top online meat delivery brands like Licious, Fipola, Tendercuts, FreshToHome, and other top brands, most of those covered on our list. This means you are sure to get the choice of meat delivered from different meat companies on a single platform in no time. Also, you can avail coupons from Dunzo to get concession on all your orders on all products, and categories. Some of the popular cities it is present in India include Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, etc.

What we like about Dunzo

  • The app is well-optimized for user convenience.
  • Free delivery on all meat orders above Rs 200.

6. Good To Go Store

Good To Go Store

Good To Go is a premium online fresh meat delivery platform that has gained popularity within a short span of time. It strives to be the best premium meat delivery brand that offers superior quality meat that are freshly procured and delivers at your doorstep. Initially started in Delhi-NCR, this brand has expanded to more major Indian cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad.

Good To Go has a vast range of meat products to offer, be it chicken, mutton, seafood, eggs, ready-to-eat, marinades, branded frozen foods, etc. you name it, you get it. That’s the big list of varieties this store can offer at best price. Apart from these it also has species, sauces, dips, and exotic meat products. The superior quality made Good To Go trusted by more than 500 restaurants and hotels like Oberoi, Hyatt, and many such luxury hotels.

What we like about Good To Go

  • 2 hours of minimum delivery time depending on the area.
  • All the meat products available at Good To Go are chemical free and go through different quality checks to ensure the quality and taste of meat.

 7. Kolkata MeatKolkata Meat

Kolkata meat is a leading online meat delivery platform that predominantly operates in Kolkata as the name itself conveys. The firm’s mission is to deliver fresh, healthy chemical and antibiotic-free certified meat to end users by conveniently delivering it to their doorstep.

It has a wide range of meat products to offer like Chicken, mutton, Seafood, Eggs, spices of all kinds, and ready-to-cook veg and non-veg food items and marinades. Apart from this, it even has an exotic meat category where it offers Arabic bakra meat, Emu bird meat, octopus, rabbit meat, etc. No dissatisfaction for vegetarians, because it even sells fruits and vegetables and ready-to-eat veg items. You can even shop for groceries and dry fruits.

What we like about Kolkata Meat

  • Kolkata Meat is the best online meat delivery services in Kolkata.
  • Meat products by Kolkata Meat are HACCP, ICL certified and have been recognized by the government of India.

8. Meatup

MeatupMeatup should be your one-stop shop for all of your meat purchasing if you live in Karnataka. It is renowned for bringing the best meat of the highest halal grade right to your door. It is the fastest-growing online meat delivery service, but as of right now, it only serves a few Karnataka cities, including Mysore and Udayagiri.

Meatup offers a wide variety of meat products, including chicken, mutton, eggs, seafood, marinades, and unique meats like quail meat, lamb trotters, country chicken, and Kedarnath chicken, among others. Even ready-to-cook items like biryanis are available.

Meatup strives to deliver its customers 100% farm-fresh and healthy meat. All the Meat products offered by Meatup, are chemical and preservative free and go through numerous quality checks to ensure superior quality is delivered to its customers.

What we like about Meatup

  • You can check out their blog page to find out new meat recipes that you can try.
  • Customize your meat cutting as per your need.
  • To further ensure the meat quality, it doesn’t store any meat after processing and it accepts only pre-orders.
  • Meatup provides 24/7 customer service.
  • Priority deliveries and 30-min fast deliveries.

9. Meat Right

meatright logo

In a world full of processed and unnaturally bred chicken, Meat Right emerged in Bangalore as a brand that provides organic country meat. Fresh air, pesticide-free food, unpolluted skies, and healthy sunlight are not just necessities for good human health. It’s also essential for chicken life and animals in general. With the tagline “Eat Right,” Meat Right was founded on the foundations of three core principles – quality, transparency, and respect for nature, without compromising on the well-being of livestock.

Sourced directly from farmers who rear country chickens in small flocks in there backyards Meat Right’s desi Aazaad chickens and goats are hand-reared, free from antibiotics, and brought up in wholesome and free environments. The brand serves fresh chicken, mutton, eggs. To ensure an easy cooking experience, the brand offers pre-cut, pre-minced, skin, skinless, fat-free, bone, and boneless options. As the brand is currently a start-up, its services are only limited to Bengaluru. So, to all the Bengaluru folks, it’s high time you eat right with Meat Right!

What we like about Meat Right

  • All the premium authentic meats are chemically free with no artificial hormones or genetic mutations.
  • Meat is only harvested once an order is placed to ensure customers receive the fresh non-frozen meat.

10. SwiggySwiggy

Swiggy is one of the world’s top e-commerce-based food delivery platforms with millions of users all across. In August 2020, it launched “Swiggy Instamart” with a motive to provide quick home delivery of groceries and other essentials. Swiggy Instamart has a wide range of over 3000+ products, including fresh meat from popular well-known brands.

It offers products like food, groceries, meat, vegetables, milk, bakeries, cooking essentials, beverages, baby care, personal care, munchies, ready-to-cook items, and many other products.

Coming to meat products, Swiggy Instamart has a wide range of meat products to offer, such as chicken, mutton, prawns, eggs, sea-food, ready cook items, marinades, etc.  Its association with famous online meat delivery brand like Licious, Tender Cuts, Fipola, and Only meat enables you to choose and buy meat from your favorite brands. Moreover, Swiggy Instamart’s 15 – 30 minutes super-fast delivery makes it ultimate destination for all your grocery and meaty needs.

Swiggy Instamart operates in more than 25 major Indian cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and many others. It is associated with certified and qualified local meat suppliers to get you the best and fresh meat.

What we like about Swiggy

  • No minimum order value to place the order and offers a live order tracking feature on all orders from Swiggy Instamart.
  • It allows you to choose from its wide range of meat varieties from the trusted brands of meat supplier of your choice.
  • A flat 50% off on all the meat orders from Swiggy Instagram.

11. Everyday MeatEveryday Meat

Everyday Meat has to be your one-stop destination for all your meaty needs. It’s one of the fastest growing online meat delivery platforms in the country, but currently restricted to Hyderabad. Founded in 2018, this brand offers the best, farm fresh meat that delivers at your doorstep.

It has a wide variety of meat items for you to choose from like chicken, mutton, seafood, and eggs. It even has buff in its category and a few other exotic meats such as Japanese quail, rabbit meat, duck meat, certified halal meat, and other exotic meat items. All its meat products are vacuum sealed with proper temperature control to ensure the freshness of meat.

What we like about Everyday Meat

  • All of its meat range is chemical and preservative free.
  • All the orders will be delivered between 45 to 90 minutes depending on the area.

12. Big BasketBig Basket

No denying to the fact that Big Basket is one of the largest online food grocery supermarkets in India. It has a vast range of over 18,000 products to offer to its end customers. Right from fresh fruits and vegetables to food grains, bakery items, beverages, snacks, personal care, oral care, garden pet needs, baby care, and more. Big Basket has everything that you would probably look for from groceries to daily and personal needs that delivers at your doorstep.

However, if you are looking for similar platforms that provide grocery home delivery services, for your convenience, we have made a list of the Best Online Grocery Shopping Sites & Apps In India. So, kindly go through it and choose your favorite platform that suits you the best.

Coming to the meat category, it has a wide range of meat products to offer like chicken, mutton, pork, seafood, marinades, sausages, bacon, eggs, ready-to-eat, kebabs, etc. The association with different online meat delivery brands like Meatigo, Fresho, and much more, will let you choose your favorite brand for your meat purchase.

For all its products Big Basket assures contactless on-time delivery with quality intact for a better customer experience. It currently has a presence across 18 major Indian cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and in other cities.

What we like about Big Basket

  • No minimum order value is required to order and assure on-time delivery.
  • Free delivery on your first 3 orders.

13. MeatwaleMeatwale

Meatwale is the leading non-vegetarian food chain brand that operates both online and in-store outlets. The brand’s motive is to deliver fresh, tender, hygienic, chemical, and antibiotic-free meat at your doorstep. It operates in almost all the major cities in India like Bengaluru, Ranchi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, and many other cities.

Meatwale mainly has two meat categories as chicken and mutton. Apart from this, it has a vast range of non-veg snacks to offer like kebabs, and sausages. Also, ready-to-eat meat items like nuggets, tikka, and other meat marinades.

All the meat products are lab tested and approved by the Indian government and ISO, and HACCP certified, which further ensures its quality standard and taste.

What we like about Meatwale

  • All the meats are procured only from authorized and certified farms across India.
  • This brand has a registered trademark and partners with qualified vendors only, meaning you are sure to get the best meat in town.

14. Taazameatonline

Taazameatonline logo

Leading online meat delivery service Taazameatonline is based primarily in Hyderabad. By providing good meat at reasonable costs and delivering it to your door, it aims to be the best premium meat delivery brand.

Taazameatonline has a variety of meat products to choose from, including ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meat items as well as chicken, mutton, hog, seafood, non-vegetarian pickles, dry fish, and more. Even cakes and bakery items, veg pickles, etc. are included. Its offerings go beyond only meat delivery; there’s also a section for groceries where you may get things like spices, lentils, personal care items, dry fruits, oils, etc.

To ensure the quality of all the meat products, Taazameatonline uses UV disinfectant for meat and fish and uses blast freeze technology. And the meats are farm-grown, free from chemicals, preservatives, and Synthetic color. It even doesn’t reprocess or reheat its meat makes it absolutely safer for consumption.

What we like about Taazameatonline

  • The best part of Taazameatonline is that it has obtained ISO certification and adheres to strict FSSAI requirements as evidence of its dedication to providing the highest-quality meat.
  • Even better, Taazameatonline has a referral programme where you can win up to Rs 100 for each referral you make and use the money to buy meat there later. 1 pack of chicken is complimentary with every meat order over Rs. 1500.
  • It has been associated with prominent brands like Swiggy and Flipkart which will enable you to shop meat from Taazameatonline more conveniently with great discounts.

Advantages of meat delivery apps

The meat industry is a multi-billion dollar market, and app development in this industry is a constantly growing field. When everything nowadays is digital and available at your fingertips with just one click, then why go physically to buy meat. Some firms deliver fresh meat at your doorstep as per your convenience. It even assures premium quality and is free from harsh chemicals, and preservatives. Let’s see the advantages of meat delivery apps.

  • Makes the ordering process seamlessly smooth and convenient for end users.
  • A wide range of products to choose from with exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Live order tracking helps to know the live status and makes it easy to track your order.
  • Ensure its quality and freshness.


1. Is ordering meat online safe?

Yes! The companies have integrated systems that ensure the meat is free from harsh chemicals, and preservatives. Which makes it safer to use.

2. Which is the best meat delivery app in India?

Though there are serval firms tries hard to serve their customers. But few firms like Licious, TenderCuts, FreshToHome really stands out and amongst the most reputed and the best online meat delivery app.

3. Does any brand provide free home delivery?

Yes! There are a few companies like Licious, FreshToHome, and Good To Go that offer free delivery if you meet the requirement of minimum order value.

4. Do all the meat delivery apps provide pan-India delivery?

Firms like Kolkata Meat, Everyday Meat, Good To Go, and TenderCuts operate in certain cities. But firms like Swiggy, Dunzo, and Big Basket have a pan India presence.

5. What makes these brands stands out than the rest of the brands?

The meat products from the brands we’ve chosen as the best meat delivery apps are of the highest quality farm fresh, locally procured that are free from harmful additives like antibiotics and preservatives.


We hope you find this article helpful and informative. For all the meat lovers out there, we expect this article would help you to find your most suitable meat delivery app that you can use to satisfy all your meaty cravings. We always welcome your suggestions and recommendations so that we can deliver you the best. We would love to hear your feedback.

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