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5 Most Expensive Restaurants in Hyderabad to Splurge Upon

Did you know there are 2881 restaurants in Hyderabad? Food search site Zomato has come up with some exclusive lists of the most expensive restaurants in each Indian city by smartly dubbing it as ‘Panama Peppers’. The restaurants in India that only those with great tax shelters can afford. In this post, we are going to share a few restaurants that Zomato has deemed the most extravagant in Hyderabad. We suggest you browse this list as a mere appetizer and then grab a roll for Rs. 60 from Frankie to actually eat. 😉 And if a roll doesn’t put your hunger buds to rest then you can still enjoy some great food at great deals. Click here to know more, else McDonalds has always been a savior. Here are the 5 most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad.

Forbes have referred it as “conspicuous consumption”. A concussion of wealth in India’s City of Nizams has procreated a culinary revolution lately and contributing a raft of high end restaurants to serve it. Indeed, now that India claims 36 billionaires and a roaring stock market up by 36% this year, spending a few several thousand rupees on dinner is increasingly becoming a trend.

most expensive restaurants in hyderabad

As per Sabina Sehgal Saikia, food critic for the Times of India,

“The country is one of the world’s fastest emerging economies and Indians’ newfound confidence is reflected in a number of areas, one of which is this developing preference for fine dining”.

Impersonating a mundane trend in world’s top cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami, India’s new festooned diners have become a place to be seen and be told. Those expensive restaurants have indeed become a pit stop for the Indian paparazzi on the hunt for pictures of Bollywood celebrities rubbing their shoulders with some of the nation’s richest tycoons. Gourmet writer Ajit Saldanha candidly refers it as “trophy dining“. That’s true – If you’ve got it and don’t flaunt it, well, what’s the point? This is what most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad are trying to tell us..

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad food

Indian restaurants today are making serious efforts at divesting guests of important modifications. While Indian diners are still far away from the world’s most outrageously expensive menus such as a truffle menu at Alain Ducasse costing around $320, a Frrozen Haute Chocolate ice-cream sundae at New York’s Serendipity costing around $25,000 – sundry initiation have been made. The below list says it all.

When it comes to savoring good food, Indians are spoilt for choice. An outburst of wealth in India’s major cities has indeed kick started a gastronomic revolution back by several exotic restaurants to serve it.

Simply discussing the names of the most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad indeed result in acute hunger pangs. After all, the mouthwatering aroma of Hyderabadi Dum Biryanis, Laham Kabsa, Kebabs etc. is irresistible. Continue reading to find out where and for how much the elite guests are selling out their kidneys. 🙂

5 most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad

1. Adaa, Taj Falaknuma Palace

Engine Bowli, Fatima Nagar, Falaknuma, Hyderabad
Phone:040 6629 8585
Price for 2 – Rs. 7,300

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad-Adaa

Adaa – the signature Indian restaurant at Taj Fakalnuma, tops the list of our most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad. It is not just about food, but it’s an invitation to get a fleeting glimpse of the royal lifestyle of the bygone Nizam era. Palace Chef elaborates to his guests about the Princess’ penchant for very high standards when it came to the food that she served her guests and continues describing the tales of mouth watering recipes sourced from old Farsi journals. The Falaknuma Palace, which was painstakingly renovated by the Taj group, is a sight to behold.

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad Adaa Falaknuma Palace

While the palace is breathtaking, once the sun goes down and the lights come on, the palace transforms into something magical. There is an half an hour tour for all the restaurant guests at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM which briefly touches upon the history of the palace and guides the guests around the various rooms of interest.

Adaa is located at the far end of the palace in one of the smaller rooms. It doesn’t have a lot of tables, so you need to reserve your seat well in advance. The room is adorned with massive old school paintings and chandeliers.

Here’s a review from a Zomato user –

The place is of course very beautiful. The sesame prawn dish had nice chunky and fleshy prawns. The haleem and mutton biriyani was really yumm. They serve berry sorbets and fruit chaat to cleanse your palate. The desserts have surprising flavours like ginger lime and tamarind sorbets.

2. Prego, The Westin

Westin Hotel, Mindspace, Hitech City, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 6767 6828
Price for 2 – Rs. 5,000

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad Prego

Flavor, passion and grandeur are served up at Prego, one of Hyderabad’s upscale and authentic Italian restaurant located at The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace. Premium Italian wines, fresh gourmet pizzas, and homemade pasta are some of their major highlights.

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad Prego bars

If you’re into Italian cuisine then the flavors of Italy served at Prego will urge you to come over and over again come to this festive and luxe restaurant. Guests here enjoy a lively show kitchen while feasting on fresh pastas, homemade bread and delicious hand-tossed pizzas. Their outdoor dining offers a spectacular poolside setting to enjoy the meal. Share a bottle of premium wine al fresco at one of the  most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad and be swept away by one of the city’s most romantic destinations.

Here’s a review from one of the guests –

Was here for lunch. The place is simple and elegant. It was Friday and the place was quiet. We started off with the complementary bread. It was freshly baked and soft. We ordered a minestrone soup, a pizza and pasta. The soup was the best minestrone soup I have had in Hyderabad. The pasta was really creamy. My favorite was the thin crust pizza with lots of veggies and one nuts. The crust was perfect.. Just the way I prefer. The staff and the service is excellent. This is a must visit place for all Italian food lovers.

3. Celeste, Falaknuma Palace

Engine Bowli, Fatima Nagar, Falaknuma, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 6629 8585
Price for 2 – Rs. 6,000

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad Celeste

“Taj-e-Hind mei? kya dekha agar Falaknuma nahi dekha”

The experience of eating at the Taj Falaknuma is a life time experience – right from the warm welcome at the gatehouse to the twirling golf cart ride through the grounds and to your arrival at the main building itself altogether shifts your mood to different level. They make you feel royal at the same time. This elegant all-day-dining restaurant offers classical Italian and Mediterranean fare that appeal to the palate of even the most discerning connoisseurs. The fine pizzas and pastas, antipasti and cutlets are created with ingredients sourced from across the globe.

Most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad Greek Food Fest At Celeste

Here’s a review on Zomato –

So, to visit this magnificent palace, I booked myself for their high tea on Sunday.
High tea started at 3:30 pm.
I opted for mix of Nizami and English – vegetarian.
First was given a choice of fresh juices, followed by a good variety of savories.
5 different sandwiches, chat, spring rolls, Dhokla, mini idli, and many other small bites (names of which I don’t remember) – all were good in taste.
Was also served a plate of cookies with cream, preserves and jam.
They also had a buffet for desserts with pastries, Indian sweets – simply spoilt with choices.
In all – every item in their menu was good.
The whole experience was royal!
The high tea was followed by a 30 minute palace tour of the palace which started at 5.
Was simply awe-struck by the grandeur of the palace..

4. Thai Pavilion, Vivanta by Taj

VIVANTA BY TAJ, 1-10-147 & 148, Mayur Marg, Begumpet, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 6725 3645
Price for 2 – Rs. 4,000

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad Thai Pavilion

Here’s another diner in our list of most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad that offers country’s best Thai cuisine. Chef Ananda Solomon introduced Thai cuisine to India with the original Thai Pavilion in the early 90’s. For this, he had spent months across Thailand experiencing and studying its cuisine and culture. The celebrity Chef now presents an elevated version of this popular cuisine at Thai Pavilion. The menu always changes. Try the celebrated Pia Nueng Manao (Steamed John Dory with coriander, chilly, peanut in a tangy sauce).

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad Thai Pavilion food

And round up your experience with Fok Thong Sankaya (Delicately steamed custard in baby pumpkin) and Tub Tim Grob (Diced water chestnut with coconut milk). The guests are entertained by an interactive kitchen in the middle of the restaurant and the smells and sounds from the kitchen which stimulates the senses. There are also semi private dining areas and some tables with sunken seating for those who want to eat in traditional style. The staff also recommends excellent pairing of food with a fine collection of young and vintage wines.

Here’s a review from dineout –

Thai food at its best bit pricey but the food was worth every penny amazing food not a big fan of Thai cuisine but I think I’d go to this place a few more times been there twice already ambience was excellent couldn’t get any better over all must visit place even if your not into Thai food you’ll love it.

5. Bidri

Opposite Hussain Sagar Lake, Tank Bund Rd, Bhagyalaxmi Nagar, Kavadiguda, Secunderabad
Phone: 040 2752 2577
Price for 2 – Rs. 4,500

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad bidri

Bidri in Marriott, Hyderabad has an eloquent setting. Apart from the delicacy, the Live Ghazals and the soothing ambiance gives you a soothing effect which envelopes you from the moment you enter. They offer authentic cuisine of the Riyasats from the Andhra, Hyderabad, Kashmir and Lucknow dynasties.

most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad biryani

Here’s a review on dineout –

Bidri continues to impress with its old-world Hyderabadi ambiance, down from the intricate black and silver etched bidri and mirror work on the pillars to the crimson-hued chandeliers and sophisticated table ware. An unobtrusive, ever-attentive service and last, but not the least, top-notch cuisine, sum up the experience as one of true-blue fine dining. The menu did a makeover recently to include classical flavours from regions influenced by the Persian & Afghani rulers – Hyderabad, Awadh, Kashmir and Andhra. Traditional cuisines from the kitchens of India’s Riyasats (royal families) from these regions, are now on the menu. Try the Hyderabadi Murgh Dum Shorba, its soul-filling, and for vegetarians, there is the Zafraani Subz Shorba from Lucknow.

So those were the 5 most expensive restaurants in Hyderabad as listed by Zomato. An occasional visit to any of these diners wouldn’t cost you a kidney after all 🙂

Bon Appetit!

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