Home Cleaning Basics to Follow!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
home cleaning

Home is where the heart is, they say! And it’s true that to make the heart long to be at home, one has to make their home a haven of beauty, safety, hygiene and above all cleanliness. This is how you do it without breaking a sweat.

Daily Home Cleaning Habits

Cleanliness scores over any lavish or embellished decorative displays! Your guests would rather have a clean house than a well-decorated one. So are you keeping your home clean? If not, here’s a quick basic home cleaning must-do guide that you can implement without much to do. You can use the professional services of UrbanCompany to make your house shine. They have several services like cleaning, laundry, repair and others. From AC cleaning to kitchen deep-cleaning, they can do it all. They have an easy online booking system with a secured payment system.

Get the laundry in place


Dirty clothes shouldn’t just be lying around the house in a heap. Even if they stay in the cupboard or the cleaning basket, they don’t really play an active part in keeping the home clean. The invisible germs and odor that generate from these untidy clothes often result in an unhealthy ambiance. In addition to that, clothes, if not cleaned regularly, become jaded and the wearer starts appearing less smart. If a clean home is laden with unclean clothes, then the appearance is questionably shoddy. Therefore, get your laundry service in place and have your clothes and garments washed and dry-cleaned in regular intervals. Follow the same for curtains, pillow wares, sofa covers, aprons, handkerchiefs and other home clothing. Only if you wear clean clothes would you look good to others.

Attend to your home’s needs

Is there any part of your house that needs immediate attending? For instance, you think that a little work in the ceiling could mend the existing patches? Or a refreshed paint on the wall can cover the cracks that have developed? Perhaps the treadmill needs to be fixed or the refrigerator needs to be cleaned and renovated? If these are situations you can identify then accessing companies that provide professional and quality home repair services is a must for you.

Pest control


Every house at some point or the other has the risk of being attacked by termites! That aside, there could also be other house worms lurking behind the unnoticed section of your granite countertop that can become worse later. Therefore, getting a timely pest control treatment done is essential for apt health of the house and its belongings. Surely, your house will stink for a while but it will be clean later and all your furniture will be safe from pests.

Plumbers and electricians

Every house today has electronic gadgets that need careful wiring and installations as well as maintenance. Plus the swank washrooms with its sinks, showers and pipes too need to be preserved well. Therefore, it’s always better to have a plumbing expert and an electrician at hand, should there be any need for it.

Your home is your little abode where you spend a good part of your life. It is the one place that is truly yours. If you don’t look after it, your well-being will deteriorate just as quickly as your home’s. No need to be an obsessive cleaner but once in a while, your home deserves a decent bath, doesn’t it?

Don’t be a Monica but do clean a bit.


Following these basic steps you can maintain a healthy, happy and clean home ambiance forever, without having to invest any extra time for all of these! Your home will be clean and you can just go about your work as you like. And the next time your house needs a deep clean, from AC repairing to stove cleaning, call UrbanCompany and have it all done at very reasonable rates.

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