How Coupon Sites Broke India’s Online Shopping Inertia

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Did you know as per a recent survey, it is found that 3 out of 5 Indian Internet users, visited online retail stores last year?

Yes, if reports are to be believed then around 60% of online Indian users visit web stores, comparison sites and the coupon sites.

Data of Coupon and Comparison Sites in India

Furthermore, it is now confirmed that with the onset of coupon sites in India, people are now getting motivated to go online to make use of deals and offers so as to save considerable money on shopping.

And if we compare this year’s statistics then there is around 18% increase in visits to online stores, thereby emerging the popularity of coupon sites in the country. The deal sites, on the other hand, have grown rapidly showing a 600% traffic increase as compared to the last year.

Let’s take a look at the e-commerce perspectives in India, which is arguably shaping up to be one of the world’s powerhouses in terms of traffic. As per the most trusted reports generated by comScore, it is seen that 59% of the 46.4 million Internet audience in the country i.e. 27.2 million users were engaged in retail activity.

ecommerce datas

ecommerce data

How does this work?

So, why are we talking about those numbers here? This is only to make our readers understand the requisites of using online coupons whenever they shop online.

The discount ticket concept has been set up not only to achieve the propriety goals, but also to benefit the retailers and more importantly to be fair with their customers.

This is how it works. Once any user outlines the superfluity of coupons which are available and chooses the one that he/she finds useful, the coupon is then directly used on the retailer’s website.

Once the purchase has been made using such discount tickets, the webstore owner then pays the coupon site a fee for the ticket that has been used.

Profit in league

By this, one kind of symbiotic relationship is established as both the parties get benefited, whilst benefiting the customer on the whole.

This method of amassing all the discount vouchers which webstores have to offer and hosting them at one particular spot online is the keystone of this sort of booming business model.

While retailers get benefited as coupons bring in traffic to their sites, the consumers on the other hand, revel in the excitement of this kind of fabulous money-saving arrangement.

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