How to Buy in Bulk and Save Money

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

With prices playing havoc in your daily household regime and inflation burning a hole in your pocket, you don’t know what to do anymore. How to save money is the biggest question? With prices of vegetables, groceries and daily commodities on a sky rise, you are now looking for ways to save on money and still run your household in the usual way.

Order in Bulk To Save Money

Buying in bulk is a great option for saving money at times – Selecting the right items and buying at the right time can save you lots of money. Here are some ways to save money by buying in bulk:

Keeping your budget in mind: Now buying in bulk doesn’t mean spending away your paycheck to buy 2 month’s worth goods, groceries and necessary household items. While buying in bulk, keep your monthly income in mind and allocate a budget for the bulk purchase.

Spacing issues: Before purchasing lots of groceries say 30 boxes of cornflakes, figure out do you have the space to store it? If you don’t then your purchase might get spoilt or rot away if not stored properly. Make sure you have the required space to store away your purchases.

Compare Costs: Compare the prices of your groceries or necessary purchases at the local grocery store and supermarket.

Local grocery stores tend to charge reasonably whereas an upscale supermarket store might have the added expenses and frills owing to fancy packaging, air conditioning etc. Keep a track of the costs and make your purchase based on Cost Per Unit before buying in bulk.

Avoid Overstocking: While some products have a short shelf life, overstocking them would lead to loss. Buying dozens of vegetables, fruits and other perishable items might up getting rotten in the fridge. When it comes to perishables, you need to exercise your discretion as the sale might be great but still it won’t be of help to you. If you are buying a sack of tomatoes and store them in the fridge, it will get spoilt after few days. But, if you are going home, making tomato ketchup or pickles out of it and storing it away, then its a good bargain. Have a game plan before purchasing in bulk!

Coupons and discounts – With stores like Spencers, Reliance Fresh and Heritage, you can now avail attractive discounts and buy eatables in bulk. You can buy rice bags at 1 for 1 offers or buy 2 bottles of jam to get the third bottle free. These kind of offers save you money plus can be stored easily. You can also use Sodexo coupons or other online coupons to get good discounts on toiletries, groceries, eatables and so much more.

Here’s hoping you know the mantra to buy in bulk and save money the smart way!


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