How to Use Less Electricity and Save Money

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Isn’t it funny when we wonder at the high electricity bill charges when the air conditioning is on 24 by 7, the TV blares out loud, laptops are being charged, lights are constantly on? Perhaps, it is time we put a control on the amount of electricity we use to conserve power and save money simultaneously!

Savings on Electricity Bill

The trick to get low electricity bills and save money is to be smart, practice some control on the electricity consumption and see the change!

save current

Here are few tips to get you started:

When you leave a room, do not forget to turn of the lights and fans. This simple trick will help you save money and reduced electricity consumption.

How about using pretty table lamps which not only light up the particular space but create a lovely mood and atmosphere? This way you can avoid using big fluorescent lights, bulbs and overhead lights.

While using the washing machine, avoid putting putting big tangles and muddles of wet clothes into the dryer. Sorted and separated clothes dry better in the dryer and use less electricity.

Even the laptop needs a rest! Avoid plugging in the charger all the time and also remember to turn it off when not in use. This way you can save the charge power in the laptop and use it when required.

With the television on 24 by 7, you seem to be spending your entire life on the couch! It is time to limit your telly hours, get some fresh air and save money on bills.

Unplug the umpteen chargers for ipods, cameras, tablets, mobile phones after charging them. An on charger is still consuming electricity though it might not be plugged into the gadget.

If you are making a dish or a snack for yourself, avoid opening and closing the fridge 20 times! Get all the ingredients, toppings and sauces at once to avoid utilizing too much electricity when the fridge is opened and closed too many times.

Instead of putting small amount of clothes in the washing machine, run it with full loads to minimize on electricity. This saves you time as well!

Cut down on the number of times you need to use the hair dryer. It not only causes hair loss but also saps up electricity. How about using it only in times of urgency?

Using a dishwasher can save you loads of water, money and electricity. Run a full load to get the best results at minimum usage of water and electricity.

When you are traveling or away for a holiday, unplug the various appliances like grinders, coffee machines, toasters, dishwashers, TV’s , DVD players and try to empty out the fridge too.

Monitor the electricity meter from time to time to keep a tab on the units being charged for.

Rely on natural lighting during the day – Open the windows, let the light stream in and enjoy a cool breeze. Avoid using bulbs, tube lights and artificial lighting systems throughout the day.

Save bucks, cut down bills and do your bit for the environment by saving electricity!

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