Online Shopping Experience, Benefits, Challenges and Fixes

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

online shopping

The trend of shopping online is an all time high. So are you a part of this commercial revolution?

Online Retail Experience

With the rapid growth of e-commerce sites in this past 2-3 years, an impending comparison between the new retail system i.e. online stores and the physical stores has taken place. While stores like are now globally popular, the new online retail concept has started dominating Indian market in form of several shopping portals targeting customers who are open to online purchasing.

If we talk about fashion then almost every fashion designer small or big has an online boutique, retailing their collections online. While flagship stores cannot be accessed by every enthusiastic customer from various cities, such online boutiques help them easily avail the exclusive designs from their desired fashion houses.

And those fashion designers can not easily reach out to a large audience and then sky is the limit. Those elite fashion houses usually target upscale Indians and mostly NRIs. Some designers do not have a physical store instead they completely deal their business online.

The Indian fashion designers strongly believe that the changing lifestyle and widespread of the World Wide Web has led to the popularity of online shopping.

While there are hundreds of people from all walks of life who are addictive to online shopping, there are people who still feel physical stores are better than web stores.

Pooja Bedi strongly feels that shopping should be a wholesome experience. It gives her the chance to try out different options, find the best fit and there are always staff members to assist her. But she misses out all these fun when she goes online.

However, there are still some advantages which a physical store can never render i.e. the variety in styles and brands, price comparison, cost-effective and time saving. It is definitely much more convenient than over touting physical stores. Most of the corporates who are juggling busy working hours, can easily shop online without having to worry about sparing time for such indulgence.

The added Benefits

Shopping via World Wide Web has heightened competition levels with amenities like free shipping, discount coupons, promo codes, home delivery, free trials and also return policies.

The NRIs are in the comfort zone mostly, as they can now buy any traditional outfit suited for any occasion and collection from their favourite designer from any part of the globe.

Even all leading designers in India who in the fashion industry for several years have transformed their fashion world into pop up portals.

Women today can look stylish just with a click of a mouse. They have now broader choices to shop at great discount prices by making use of special coupon codes. Taking a few hours from a busy day in search of a right fit or matching is now a passé.

The Challenges

Customer satisfaction has always been the major motive of all those retail stores. And this is ensured through quality, timely delivery and value-for-money. The fashion designers who have now extended their business online are quite keen on those lines. They always try to ensure that their each and every customer is satisfied.

A dedicated team is always required who can work round the clock to manage the portal.

Sticking to deadline is one of the biggest challenges every online store faces. However, they’re constantly making an endeavor to enable customers with best possible services.

Problems and Fixes

Indians are not so used to the cutting edge online payment system. Most of them even do not avail the transaction facilities offered by their credit cards.

Shipping is one of the biggest problems. When someone makes a purchase, he/she expects the delivery in time. While some stores like Fashion and You demand 21 days for delivery, other stores like assure 2-3 days for delivery. Now the retails have contacts with high-end courier services who help them overcome this hurdle too.

Not only online the customers are assured enough when they find their retailer’s assistance offline too. This inculcates a sense of confidence on their retailers.

One of the major reasons people go online to buy is for discounts. Through discount coupons, they are now able to save huge money in shopping.

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shagun August 16, 2013 - 4:47 am

i am addicted to shopping and online shopping gave me facility of free shipping, easy exchange, Discounts and many more which offline store can’t give. One more plus point of online shopping is I don’t need to roam from one place to another. I have already shopped from jabong, koovs, hushbaby, flipkart, prettysecrets, yebhi, myntra & zovi. Also there are many sites remains in my list.


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