How to Make Money From Home Easily

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

With your little kids and a house to run, perhaps you do not feel like going to work anymore or want to enjoy a homemaker’s post for a while! But if you worry that whether your spouse’s salary would be enough to cover those little frills and extra expenses like a new dress or expensive earrings. Sometimes, you just want that extra money to save for a family vacation or a surprise gift for your kid!

Work From Home

That’s when you feel, that wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some cash in hand which is all yours to spend? We bring to you ways to make money from the comfort of your home. Just exercise your creativity, hone your skills, research online to improve your knowledge and innovate to earn money:

1) Become A Tutor: With all your degrees and knowledge, isn’t it just criminal not to share it? We know you love helping your kids out with their school home work, paper crafts and chart work. But how about extending tuition classes for kids from the vicinity or neighborhood? You could teach subjects which you are comfortable in for small hours and get a decent pay.

2) Making homemade goodies & delicacies: Some women are blessed with magic in their hands when it comes to cooking delicacies and trying innovative recipes. You can make homemade dhoklas, pappads, snacks, brownies, cakes and other confectionaries which you can sell to a local baker or store. You can also learn how to make chocolates and give it a lovely twist with pretty packaging, ribbons and tassels.

3) Being a virtual assistant: If you have ever worked as an administrative assistant in an office, then its time to get those skills to use. Join as a virtual assistant online to do basic tasks for clients and ear money.

4) Arts & Crafts: If you enjoy making variety of arts and crafts, then use your skills to make pretty craft works and sell them online. Join up communities like and sell your work online!

5) Blog – Run your own blog which could be anything starting from your experience being a mom to small things that make a day. Soon, you would be reaching out to people and feature ads on your blog which will help you fetch money.

6) Typing – Yes, all you need is a phone and type answers. Try out jobs like transcription where you need to make recordings of meeting, calls or take personal dictation. For people with knowledge in medicine and law, you can make good money by working on transcription services in that field.

7) Make you own ebay store – Do you have access to wholesale goods which you know will be loved by the target audience? On Ebay, you can sell everything from collectibles to edibles which can be bought online by the consumer. You need to keep up the quality of products and you will have a loyal customer base.

Lastly, you need to believe in yourself and be confident! Making money from home might seem tough but if gone about cleverly and sincerity, then it is no mean feat.

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