Top Mobile Exchange Offers Online in India that You wouldn’t Want to Miss

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
mobile exchange offers online in india

Technology revs up with every new sunrise. After using a mobile phone for 1-2 years, we soon realize our smartphone needs to be upgraded so as to match the technology’s fanatical jump so as to keep us updated and fast paced. Our mobile phone would not be having a better front-facing camera, better OS or advanced texting features. Since we have already invested so much in a smartphone, we simply don’t feel like dumping it only for the sake of buying the latest smartphone in the market. What if we tell you there are some fabulous exchange offers going on, where you can purchase your desired model in exchange of your old phone? In this post, we are going to share top mobile exchange offers online in India that you wouldn’t want to miss. Read on!

mobile exchnage offers online in India

Arguably, the average lifespan of smartphone in India is probably 3 years. By now we have had atleast used 5 mobile phones. While some were broken or lost, others were simply dumped and lying unattended in drawers for ages. Some are smarter not to have dumped it, but to have gifted their old mobile phones to the maids or sold them for groundnuts value in their neighborhood shops.

Now with the facility of mobile exchange offers online in India, you don?t have to pile up your outdated handsets. There are now several e commerce stores in India who are offering fabulous exchange offer for old phones with higher end smartphones. One such fantastic store is Cashify, where you can get doorbuster deals and offers by utilizing the cashify coupon code while purchasing your favorite mobiles online.

Flipkart mobile exchange offer

flipkart mobile exchange offers online in India

Flipkart Big 10 Sale Offers

Flipkart recently celebrated their 10th anniversary by offering Flipkart Big 10 Sale Offers on mobile phones, appliances, fashion and many other products. This big sale lasted from 14th May to 18th May and there were some unbelievable deals that included great discounts along with mobile exchange offers. However, the major highlight was the sale on iPhone 7 32GB, which was offered at Rs. 39,999 (MRP Rs. 60,000). As claimed, this was indeed the lowest price ever offered for an iPhone 7 anywhere. The moment the offer was on, the phone was sold out immediately. Right now, as of 23rd May 2017, the iPhone 7 32GB on Flipkart is sold at Rs. 47,999 i.e. you get up to Rs. 15,000 off. 

Some of the top mobile exchange offers from this Flipkart Big 10 Sale Offers included the following –

  • Moto G5 Plus, 4GB was offered at Rs. 14,999 (MRP Rs. 16, 999)
  • Samsung On5 was offered at Rs. 6,490 (Rs. 8,990) after discount
  • Galaxy On Nxt was offered at Rs. 14,900 (MRP Rs. 17,900) after discount
  • Moto E3 OPower was offered at Rs. 6,999 (MRP Rs. 7,999)
  • Lenovo K5 Plus was offered at Rs. 7,499 (MRP Rs. 8,499) after discount
  • Oppo F1s was offered at Rs. 12,990 (MRP Rs. 17,990)
  • Google Pixel was offered at Rs. 34,999 (MRP Rs. 57,000)
  • Galaxy On7 was offered at Rs. 7,990 (MRP Rs. 8,990) after discount

Flipkart, one of the leading electronics e commerce store in India, is not only offering attractive discounts on smartphones but also some fabulous mobile exchange offers online in India. Here are some of their ongoing exchange offers –

iPhone 6 – Rs. 33,9990

Additonal Rs. 4000 off on regular exchange value

Lenonvo Vibe K5 Note – Rs. 13,499

Up to Rs. 11,0000 off on exchange

Samsung Galaxy OnNxt – Rs. 16,900

Up to Rs. 15,000 off on exchange

Swipe Elite Plus – Rs. 6,000

Up to Rs. 5,500 off on exchange

flipkart mobile exchange offers online in India discount

How to exchange your mobile phone on Flipkart

This step by step guide will help you in grabbing some mobile exchange offers online in India

  • First of all you’ll have to find out when Flipkart?s mobile phone exchange offer begins every month
  • Install the Flipkart mobile app and zero in on a few smartphone models during your search that suits your budget and requirements alike and do check out their specifications
  • When you click on a particular model on the page, apart from specifications including seller information, warranty, RAM, camera etc., you can also see a box prompting you exchange your old phone. This box, however only appears on select models on which this exchange offer is valid
  • After checking on the box, you?ll now see a prompt that asks you to select the product you want to exchange. This is an easy 3-step process
  • You’ll have to first select the brand. Once you tap on it, you?ll see a drop-down menu that lists out all those mobile phone brands that are available for exchange such as Panasonic, Lenovo, Sony Xperia, Samsung etc.
  • Afetr selecting the brand, you’ll now have to select the exact model. For instance, if you?ve selected Samsung, you?ll again see a drop down menu with models such as Samsung Galazy Note
  • And if you’re not able to find your phone?s exact model mentioned in the drop down menu then your phone is not eligible for exchange offer
  • You shouldn’t be dispapointed and rather keep checking from time to time, as Flipkart will keep adding to this list in time
  • After selecting the model, you?ll also see the discount amount mentioned. Since all the discount amounts change from day to day, ensure to take note of the discount amount
  • Now the last thing that?s left for you to do is to enter the IMEI number (or the unique identifier) of your model. You don’t have to panic or waste time in searching the phone from top to bottom, instead you can get this IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your phone
  • By dialing on this number, you?ll receive your IMEI number, which you’re required to enter it in the space provided on the app. Tap the CHECK option to ensure that your phone is eligible for an exchange
  • By dialing on this number, you?ll receive your IMEI number, which you’re required to enter it in the space provided on the app. Tap the CHECK option to ensure that your phone is eligible for an exchange.
  • The next criteria is to enter your PIN code in the space provided below so as to check the availability of the exchange offer at your location
  • Don?t forget to check the box next to the words, ?I agree to the terms and conditions?
  • Now tap ADD TO CART (Exchange Offer) and you?ll see that the discount has already been applied to your order! You get your cash back immediately and without fuss

Amazon mobile exchange offer

mobile exchnage offers online in India amazon

Nothing can beat Amazon, when it comes to customer satisfaction. Amazon offers up to 40% on select mobile exchange offers. If you are thinking of buying a new phone in exchange of your old phone then do click here to see if your old mobile phone is eligible for exchange

Mobile Exchange Offers Online in India Amazon

Here is a step by step guide for your convenience

  • Firstly, you will have to select the product you are looking to purchase.
  • Once you have selected your preferred model, select delivery location by entering your pincode to ensure exchange offer is eligible in your location. Exchange offer is only available for select cities on Amazon
  • Now after you have entered your delivery address and your location is eligible, you will now be prompted with two boxed options – with exchange and without exchange. You need to check on the ‘with exchange’ box and see if your old phone is eligible for exchange offer
  • After this, you will now be prompted with two more boxes – Select Physical Conditon and Select Working Condition. You’ll have to enter the basic details of your old mobile phone so as to ensure it’s in working condition and eligible for exchange
  • Now your last step is to click on ‘Buy now with exchange’ button to proceed with your shopping. Voila!

Snapdeal mobile exchange offer

mobile exchnage offers online in India snapdeal

  • Click on the product you are willing to buy
  • Click on the ‘Exchange’ link available on the product page. A pop-up will appear, asking for your mobile phone’s IMEI number
  • Now you’ll have to enter your IMEI numbe. Follow the instructions that we have earlier mentioned on you can get your IMEI number
  • Check the box that says “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” and then click on the Submit button
  • Now check for the price to be paid after your old mobile phone is eligible for exchange discount offer
  • Click on “Apply Exchange” and add the model to your cart
  • Click on “Proceed to Pay” and make the payment

Things To Remember

Few points to keep in mind when you are opting for mobile exchange offers online in India:

Make sure your old phone is in perfect condition for the exchange. Make sure that you pack it in its original box, put in the charger and any accessories your old phone came with and also include the original bill.

When your new smartphone is delivered, the delivery staff will check the old phone. If your old phone does not match the conditional requirements, you will not be able to exchange it for the new phone that you have ordered. To purchase the new phone, you will then be required to place a new order (without exchange) and then be able to buy the product.

P.S Apple iPhone and Android users ? make sure you remove all the accounts before doing hard reset. They would not take phones that are iCloud-locked or android-locked.

Not all the mobile phones are eligible for exchange. Your old mobile phone is accepted only if it’s in working condition and there is no broken parts. Also the mobile phone should be in the list of mobile exchange offers online in India.

Now that we?ve come to a close, here is a quick tip we leave you with. Always opt for a brand that?s taking the mobile market by storm. There are a range of legendary brands that are launching impressive and affordable smartphones, while a few new ones are coming as a surprise due to their range of offering at such low prices, and top-notch features. So, be sure to check them out, but understand the latest statistics of the mobile market well, which might give you a better idea when making a purchase.

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