Take 5: Being comfortable is the new fashionable

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

The F word called FASHION has been fittingly reorganized into something that has come to be synonymous with being comfortable. You can define fashion in a new way every day, based on your style. It warms up to the idea that “Fashion is a snapshot of what you like or how you feel at a particular time, because of its ever-changing state and the way in which we choose certain looks over others.” – Emma. Fashion is nothing but a way of expressing yourself, your thoughts, and any style that interests you. Looking good is the idea. No doubt comfy clothing has made a comeback. So, today we will be discussing how you can be comfortable and yet fashionable.

Fashion is more than the clothing trends

Fashion is truly being touted as a medium of presenting your personal style. Therefore, fashion will blow hot and cold with time, while the style remains constant. And today, almost everybody, irrespective of age, gender, and the place is taking to being comfortable, rather than embracing whatever is always in vogue. In order to go with the flow the right way, you can follow the tips that I am sharing here today.

1. Get basics that will always be in fashion

The best thing to do in order to be in fashion is to have the basics in your wardrobe and knowing how to style these. Your basic style staple would include a Kurti that goes with any kind of bottom, black leggings, a white shirt, a pair of jeans, the LBD, and a pair of flats that again goes well with any style and a heeled black pump. A black and another beige bag and simple gold and silver chains, a watch, and earrings are all you need. Style these as per the changing fashion. You can never go wrong with these in your closet. The pieces that can pep up your look can be bought as and when required and on the basis of your comfort level.

2. Find out what suits you the best

The latest in fashion always come and go, but what you need to do is find out if it suits you at all. You need to know your body type, your skin tone, and even more to decide which style would enhance your looks. Skinny jeans have been in fashion for quite a long time now, but if you are not comfortable in them, it’s better to avoid wearing one. It is that simple. Then, popping colors is in fashion, but if these don’t go with your skin tone try out some other hues.


3. Avoid copying everything that is in fashion

Blindly copying whatever is in trend is a big mistake. Find your own style and try to couple that with the on-going trends. Mostly, films are not for real, nor are fashion shows. You need to understand that reality and movies differ vastly.

Fashion is how you define it

Source: Quotesgram

4. Love the way you are

And last but not the least, you need to love the way you are, your body and the way you look. This instills confidence in you, which is a great way to style yourself. Put on anything you love to wear and the right accessories and makeup and be confident. That is how you should go about styling yourself.


So, this is what I feel about fashion. I would like you all to share what does fashion mean to you, if you believe that being comfortable is the new fashionable; as I have already said it should completely be dependent on an individual’s personal style.

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