Eid Shopping Mania – Shop Hearty Shop Smartly

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Eid-ul-Fitr is few days away and Muslims across the globe are busy in getting prepared for this auspicious day. Let’s tell you Eid shopping has always been elaborate and extravagant. Everything about this festival is outlandish.

Eid Shopping

The craziest among them are the girls, who go on a shopping spree, checking-out all the latest trends, arrivals, matching accessories such as footwear, bags, jewelries and much more in the list. The shopping fetish has such an impact that budget becomes a secondary thing.

Online shopping brings in huge advantages such as price comparison, brand awareness, discounted offers and ample variety to choose from. It seriously doesn’t make any sense if we do not make use of these benefits while purchasing online be it for Eid or just a regular shopping.

Shopping should always be fun and delightful. Imagine a ladies handbag which is priced at 2000 bucks can be availed at half of this rate or even cheaper than that. This has become possible with the advent of numerous online coupon sites, who offer fabulous rebates on purchasing from a specified store.

It’s natural to have the adrenaline rush but we should learn to be patient while shopping online.

Below are some hot tips to help you land up with a smart Eid shopping. Have a look!

  • Whenever you plan to shop for any occasion then always make a list of all the products you need to buy. This list will save you from wayfaring aimlessly from one site to the other. A list helps you land up on the exact product category page, saving your ample amount of time
  • And if you’re planning to gift someone then consider first the likes and dislikes of the receiver. This will help you buy something worth
  • Now that you’re done with your list, it’s time to design your budget. Make a probable list and check out the real prices
  • Start comparing this price at various stores. the best you can do here is to pick a reputed coupon site and check-out if some discount codes are available for the same product you’re willing to buy from your chosen retail store
  • When you start browsing to shop, don’t get distracted i.e. if you happen to see an ad of a watch then check yourself from checking-out that piece when you know buying a watch was never in the plan. Such distractions only add numbers to your budget and are the biggest time killers
  • Same implies to your shopping cart as well. Web stores will always provoke you with their cheesy options, being displayed on your shopping cart. Just do not keep adding things to your cart only because you found them fancy. Instead focus on what you need to buy. This will save you from spending extra
  • When you decide to make use of coupon codes, make sure to check-out all the conditions such as their expiry date and always check-out different offers for the same store. For instance, while a particular store offers you discount code of 15% on a particular product, another store may offer you 25% off on the same product

Eid is a celebration of joy and happiness. Everything you do should bring in optimum satisfaction, including your shopping.

Just don’t lose money for the sake of shopping.

Shop hearty! Shop smartly!

Eid Mubarakh!

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