Top 5 Ways to Save Money with Online Shopping

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Recently I met with one of my old friends, who is a self-proclaimed online shopping freak. She almost buys everything from her family needs and apparels to books and groceries even. It was not only a vapid habit she has adopted but there is a strong reason behind her mania – she saves a lot of money by buying online.

I also learnt some good rupee-saving tips and tricks for smart purchasing from her.

Here are these top 5 saving tricks:

#1 Avoid all of the alluring shopping malls in your city. Instead shop online

A shopping mall is a provocative place, making you easily fall prey to unnecessary spending. The products displayed at such lavish stores can also be fetched online at quite lower rates.

However, you cannot sit all the time at home only to save money. Let’s say you visit your nearest multiplex and you happen to come across the latest arrival of any particular brand in a store. The best you can do is to jot down the brand and item’s name and search it online later if you’re serious about getting that stuff.

Let me tell you by making a habit of shopping online, you can save money on everything from designer wear to your kids’ toys to electronics. Besides, you’ll be able to hone in the skills of saving whenever you purchase anything, instead of being carried away by everything you come across.

#2 Make use of online coupons

To save money, going online and making a purchase does not solve the purpose. Instead, you need to smartly make use of all the opportunities that are available widely across the World Wide Web, the best being the online coupons. Before you make any purchase, make sure to visit any coupon site to check if you can get any free shipping or discount code for the particular retail store you’re willing to have business.

And if you’re not aware of any such coupon site then Google around for India’s best coupon sites. Do not forget to check-out the related blogs even. Bookmark all those sites which you feel are useful. Next time when you go online to buy something, make use of these sites to grab the coupon codes.

#3 Look for discounts/offers

If you’re naive about the coupon code system then you can browse web stores which offer discounts and special deals on their products. You’ll always find some e-boutiques who offer rebates and gifts all throughout the year on different items and brands.

You’ll surely come across some sites who offer ‘Deal of the Day’. Keep checking those sites on regular basis to get updates on such deals. Hold on! If you love shopping for the branded clothes online, start using Reliance Trends offers and coupons to get them at a low cost. In Reliance Trends, you can shop for international brands specially designed for men, women, kids, and elders.

#4 Always be active on Facebook and Twitter

Always be in touch with prominent social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and like the fan page of your favorite boutiques and brands to get updates on latest arrivals, discounts, gifts and much more.

These days the growing popularity of social networking sites has paved way for e-commerce stores to publicize their collections and increase their brand value. So, you should always be active on such sites to understand the prevailing market scenario around you.

#5 Never miss the seasonal sale

Bargain hunters never miss the seasonal sale, be it’s online or at any physical store. However, I will suggest you to go online during such viral days as malls and boutiques would be heavily crowded. So, it’s better go online to save yourself from such crowds and long queues at the billing counters.

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