Top 10 Ways To Save Money While You Are Traveling

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance”

Wise advice coming from a bumper sticker, this quirky quote sums up our budget related woes while traveling.

Save Money While Traveling


Whether it be a long weekend coming up right ahead or taking your kids on a fun summer holiday, traveling is a delightful experience. But, what worries us is the fact that travel expenses are going to throw the monthly budget off the balance.

We bring to you fun and easy travel tips that will save your precious money and ensure happy times! Here you go:

It’s all about flexibility: Hmm, we know you are set on that particular date and destination for your grand holiday. But why are you ignoring that tempting airline round trip deal on a different date which saves you half the money? Make some minor changes to your travel plans! You can even look at various holiday destinations and check out reasonably priced tickets for those places. Yeah, sounds like a major change in the plan, but you get to save money and go to an equally fabulous destination!

When is the right time? Traveling in the peak seasons can cost you a bomb! Also, airplane tickets touch an all time high during the festive season and holidays. It is always wise to book your tickets in advance for holiday travel to get good deals and bargains on ticket prices.

Scrambling for railway tickets right a week before the festive season won’t do much good. With trains running choc-a-bloc during the holidays and festivals, you will be left with over priced bus reservations and over-the-top airplane tickets.

Staying in style: The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding information on good budget hotels, guest houses and inns. You can find great deals, happy bargains and discounts at new “boutique” style budget hotels which offer you the best amenities and facilities. Check the tariff for any hidden charges and call up the hotel to confirm the deal/bargain. You can even try out holiday packages offered online or by travel companies. Check the credibility of the site or the travel group before purchasing the offer.

Those little frills and perks matter: Does the hotel have a complimentary breakfast? A welcome drink and a complimentary fruit basket? These little perks go a long way in making your hotel visit a pleasant and an enjoyable one. Check whether the hotel has a free wi-fi connection, stocks on good toiletries, prompt housekeeping and a reasonably priced in-house restaurant.

Hop, Skip & Jump: Exploring the nooks and crannies of your favorite holiday destination is best by road. Explore those less frequented places at the holiday hotspot by walk, on a bicycle, local trains, buses. Immerse yourself into the colorful sights, hustle and bustle of local markets, know different people and understand delightful cultural practices and traditions. You can always book cabs for the long distance spots and attractions.

Street Shopping: Want to take away memorable souvenirs from the holiday destination? Avoid those pricey upscale stores and shops at the airport – Instead find pretty jewelery, reasonably priced clothes, beautiful handicrafts and furniture at the local markets or street shopping jaunts.

Eating Out: At your holiday destination, find out about famous local eateries which offer traditional delicacies and local specialties. You will be surprised to know how good the food tastes at extremely low prices. The pricey, high end restaurants can be tried out too for a couple of times in your trip.

Free Entertainment: Enjoy the local sightseeing at forts, palaces, museums, exhibitions and fairs which hardly cost anything but are great entertainment options!

Special attractions: Want to watch that special musical or iconic concert at the holiday destination? Book well in advance to save on tickets and get them at great bargains. Book online and spend precious bucks!

To-Do list: Pack essential items like first aid, snacks, water, personal care products, cosmetics and medication to avoid crisis at your holiday spot. A well-prepared luggage can save you big bucks and protect you from crisis. 


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