Top 10 Tips To Save Money On Fuel

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Inflation is on the high – We seem to be living in a world tumbling down with rocketing prices, ridiculously charged commodities and increasingly difficult to purchase expensive necessities! In this melee of sky rising prices and rates, fuel is one important purchase which we need on a daily basis in spite of the fact that it burns a hole in the pocket!

save fuel

Saving money on fuel

In this scenario, its best we learn how to save money which is precious, hard earned money on fuel. We bring to you few tips which could help you minimize fuel expenses and keep your wallet happy.

  • Make small adjustments in your driving style. Your driving should not either be too fast or slow as it does not let you maximize your fuel savings. Avoid accelerating or hitting the brake too hard as it takes a toll on the fuel economy.
  • It always helps to keep the tire air pressure at the level mentioned by your vehicle manufacturer. Under inflation of the tire has a direct affect on fuel consumption.
  • When the weather is breezy or pleasant, turn the air conditioning down! Using the AC puts an extra load on the engine which leads to higher consumption of fuel.
  • Keep the windows close while diving at high way speeds as it increases drag and results in decreased fuel economy.
  • Send your vehicle for servicing on a regular basis. Improper maintenance leads to dirty air filters or faulty spark plugs leading to poor fuel economy.
  • Do not pile your car with heavy loads of luggage and bags. It takes a toll on the fuel usage.
  • If you are planning to purchase a new vehicle, then check its rated fuel efficiency. A smaller vehicle with manual transmission will help you with great fuel economy.
  • Think of budget friendly ways to get to work. Carpooling is a great option to cut costs on fuel and traveling safely at reasonable costs. You could also use public transportation like buses and local trains to get to work.
  • It is important to check your gas cap. Generally, the cars have broken or missing gas caps which results in poor fuel economy and release of smog causing compounds into air. Get the gas cap replaced to avoid pollution and fuel wastage.
  • Reduce the idle time of the car – If the car has been stopped for an interval more than 3- seconds, then turn off the engine. It helps you save fuel consumption!

Happy Driving!


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