Whey protein – Why should you start consuming now?

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Just like human beings, not all proteins work the same way. Some work better than the other, while some other may not do any good to your health. At present, the best known health supplement is whey protein. It is one of those wonderful proteins that contains lots of the essential amino acids. No doubt, whey protein powder benefits are manifold. It suits people of all ages, be it the kids, adults or the octogenarians. It has come a long way from being a primary muscle building agent for the bodybuilders to being used by health watchers and athletes to common man at present. If you are serious about your health, if you want to either build muscle mass or lose weight and even stay healthy, start consuming this protein. However, how and when to take whey protein, the dosage and other details are necessary to make the most of this excellent source of protein. As for where you can buy, Healthkart & GNC are the best places to order the this healthy protein.

Shake it up for good health

If you have already been using Isopure whey protein then you must be aware of its benefits. But, if you are planning to start incorporating this protein in your everyday diet, you need to know about all its nuances.

How protein is helpful for our body?

Protein in general is good for our body. Everyday we indulge in stressful and intense physical activity, some way or the other. Protein helps with muscle repair. So, usually you are advised to have protein shakes after a workout session. And whey protein is known to help in even faster repair of the muscle tears. Right intake of this protein makes the muscles more adaptive to workouts, helping you gain greater strength.

  • Why whey protein is better than other forms of protein?

Whey protein is considered to be a better option as compared to other types of proteins found in most kinds of food. Our body absorbs whey easily and faster than any other sources of proteins.


  • What types of whey proteins are there?

Various whey protein types are available in the market. You need to know about all these in detail so that you make the right choice. The three main types available are:

1.Whey protein isolate – Whey protein isolate or WPI as the name suggests is the isolated form of this protein. The concentrate form is processed more to produce the isolate form, which contains less of lactose and fat. The process that is followed is different in case of different manufacturers and the price for this kind of whey protein is more than its concentrate form. And yes, taste wise it is not that great because there’s less lactose and fat. But, whey protein isolate benefits are more than that of the concentrate form.

2.Whey protein concentrate – Whey protein concentrate or WPC is the concentrated form of whey protein. The quality of WPC varies a lot from one manufacturer to the other, but the price of this kind is the least. The percentage of concentration varies a lot from being as low as 29% to as high as 89%. the lower end concentrates are mostly used for preparing various kinds of food stuff such as baked goodies, prepackaged stuff and more. On the other hand, the higher end concentrate is used to prepared tasty shakes.

3.Whey protein hydrolysate – Whey protein hydrolysate or WPH is the highly processed version of the isolate. No doubt it is the most expensive form of whey protein by far and the best. This is the easiest for the body to absorb for our body breaks down a protein to its hydrolysate form before it gets absorbed. Hydrolysate produces 28% more insulin as compared to WPI. It is considered to be the best whey protein supplement.

  • When to use whey protein supplement?

You can have the whey protein supplement any time, prior to a workout, during workout or even post workout and muscle training. By taking the protein before workout, you are giving your muscles that extra boost which helps in faster regeneration of the tissues and muscles. The after workout intake of this supplement helps provide that extra energy to your body that it loses during the intensive workout. You can a tall glass of smoothie or shake made out of this good protein before going to bed in the night or in empty stomach in the morning.


  • What you need to remember?

It is always said that nothing in excess is good and this fact stands true for this healthy protein as well. It is good to include it in your diet, but you shouldn’t have excess of it. Or else, it can have numerous side effects on your body starting from hair loss to nausea and more. The right amount helps in building muscles, boosting your energy and even weight loss. So, have only a few grams of it everyday or you can consult a dietitian to find out the right proportion you should have everyday.

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