Grocery is an “everyday affair” regardless whether you stay alone or with your family! And with the expenses rising up with every passing day, it is smart to do a grocery budget control.

Save On Grocery

Do you know that there are ways to save at the Grocery Store? This doesn’t only give boost to your savings zone, but also ensures better expenditure and allows you to add to your shopping cart what is actually needed. So if you have been spending excessively on your groceries and want to draw the strings a bit tighter to ensure you don’t waste money, here are smart tips to use.

1. Purchase vegetables and fruits that are in-season

Healthy living is not always about going out of the way to buy pomegranate or radish, when it’s not the season. This is where most people go wrong and end up spending twice the original amount and some even more. Whereas if you could concentrate on the in-season harvests, then you don’t just save money, but also get yourself fresh buys that is of a good taste and keeps you healthy as well.

2. Make use of online coupons

Grocery Coupons are becoming the new age shopping tool! When you are surfing the internet make it a point to look up coupon sites for instance or Sites such these two are the best ones to access your coupons. Go a step further and leverage from social media networking. Log in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, like the profile/pages of your favourite brands. This way you are up for the coupon deals that the brands sometimes shell out on social media as a brand promotion strategy.

3. Check out substitutes

One must do exercising a tad bit of discretion! For instance, if you are in the habit of having cornflakes with your favourite’s breakfast and it’s not the season for those fruits. You can purchase cornflakes or oatmeal and replace the fruits with a muesli bumper pack, available at a discount. When you mix cornflakes and muesli, the fruit element gets replaced to a great extent without compromising on taste, quality and health. Similarly, you can check on peppermint tea which is expensive that other tea varieties by opting in for a combination of green tea with peppermint, which is an economical option.

4. Make your shopping list diligently

Often when we are out for grocery shopping we go without checking what we really need! Therefore, doing a thorough inventory check of what is in the pantry and what isn’t is essential. Based on the present status of your grocery, make a list of all the items that you need. Be diligent enough to cancel out any item that you feel you can do without. When you purchase only what you need, you can save a lot on your grocery.

5. Use your savings well

If you have saved an amount from your current month’s grocery shopping, keep it separate and add the savings that you make in the forthcoming months. When the amount becomes a large sum that would suffice as your grocery budget, use it for your current month’s grocery shopping and save the amount that you were supposed to spend.

Follow these simple tips before you step into your grocery store next and save on your grocery easily!


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