Christmas is all about sharing the joy we have in our lives. You could host all the lavish parties you want but if you do it as an obligation, then, it won’t benefit anyone. The joy you get has to be spread wherever you go. And so, you look for innovative and new ways to celebrate Christmas, to spread the joy of it. What to treat your family and friends with on Christmas? How to have the perfect homemade gift for them, which sweetens their tongues as well as their moods? Just go for these sweet Christmas treats, which are easy to prepare and yummy in taste.

Remember that you don’t need to be a skilled chef to prepare these. Minimal experience in the kitchen will be enough to make any of these treats. They are that easy. And delicious too. So gear up your baking skills. Here is our choice for the best treats to spread some Christmas joy.

Spreading the joy in Christmas

Candy Cane Twist Cookies

christmas treats

One thing that strikes you when you think about Christmas, the candy cane cookies. The candy canes embody the very spirit of Christmas. Kids find these bright red twisted cookies to be fun. Serve with dry coconut powder sprinkled on it.

Christmas Tree Cookies with Sprinkles

christmas treats

Sugar candies or cookies with colourful sprinkles are all about this dish. You can dip these cookies in chocolate sauce and then sprinkle these with your favourite sprinklers. You can vary with colours as you please- red, blue, green, brown- whatever you want.

Cinnamon Stars

Christmas Treats

Cinnamon Stars are the most traditional Christmas sweets since ages. These cookies are made of biscuits and sugar dough with cinnamon icing.

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

Christmas Treats

It’s customary for cookies to be shared with people you know on Christmas. It’s one of the best and most common ways to share Christmas joy. Now, what kind of cookies, is totally upon you. One of the options is cream cheese sugar cookies.

Just enjoy these sugar cookies with your favourite cream cheese topping. The sugariness of the cookies is bound to make your tongue roll while the cheese topping is going to make it so smooth on your mouth.

Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Christmas Treats

A must on the list of Christmas treats. Who doesn’t love chocolates? Everyone does right! You can add any of your favorite dry fruits (be it cashew, walnut or almond) and whipped cream. But walnut is the popular choice among the sweet-teeth of the world.

Cake Pops

Christmas Treats

Cake pops look fancy and they are great for parties and treats. These are ideal for every occasion and can be themed accordingly. Kids are bound to have one of these in their mouths on Christmas, sucking their sugary richness.

Little Snowman Cookies

christmas treats

This is where the artist in you comes out. Winters, Snow and Christmas- they all only come in a package. Winters without kids making snowman in the streets is unimaginable.

Those snowmen often find themselves on your cookies as well. All you really need to turn your tiny round cookie into a snowman are icing and finger-small carrots. Just that and you have your own little snowman cookie. Sounds perfect, right?

Pumpkin Pie

christmas treats

Pumpkin Pie is a must for Christmas.Don’t you wonder what happens to all the pumpkins that are hung as decorations on Halloween? Well, this is where they go- into pies and then, your belly.

It is a classic desert recipe with a crispy base and smooth pumpkin filling. Every slice of it is layered with the many joys you felt when preparing that pumpkin pie.

Sugar Cookie Buttons

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These are the buttery cookies which melt in your mouth. It is a perfect choice as a gift for guests. Now, it’s up to you whether you want pin these buttons to their shirts or stuff them in their mouths.

Popcorn Balls

christmas treats

Everyone loves munching popcorn. It’s the best snack, which is low in calories and tastes good. Every time you watch a movie, you have a bucket of popcorn by your side, like your own best friend. To put a Christmas twist to popcorn, just add caramel to it and make it into balls.

Snowflake Cookies

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These sugar delicacies make you go ga-ga. It’s so smooth and yummy to have. Keep hogging…one is not enough. It is one of the best Christmas treats ever. As an added bonus, they do well as wall hangings and tree decorations too.

Peppermint Meringues

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Peppermint Meringues are light and airy. It’s unique in taste and to make it yummier, just dip in chocolate sauce. One of these tiny food-bombs is never enough. You want to keep on gorging on these little, cute-looking treats.

Chocolate Brownies

christmas treats

These gooey chocolate brownies are hard to resist. Serve with ice cream or desert and it will make the perfect sweet treat for the Christmas. They are the life of all parties, especially, Christmas parties.

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

The most Christmassy of all treats, gingerbread cookies are the very symbol of Christmas. The smile on kids’ faces when they see these man-shaped delicious cookies is exactly what Christmas is all about. Making these tiny ginger men is as fun as eating them later.

Christmas Blondies

Christmas Blondies

M&Ms, Oreos and chocolate chips- they all make for delicious sweet treats on their own. But then, you dump them all together and you get Christmas Blondies, a treat that will leave you salivating.

These are a few sweet treats that you can share or gift to the ones you know. To show them that you care, to show that you don’t just share their joys but also their sorrows. After all, Christmas is when you are with others, there for them. And in the present times, there’s no better way to spread happiness than do some therapy-cooking in the kitchen and bake these delicious treats.

Found some more Christmas treats? Let us know! We would love to hear from you all. Merry Christmas in advance!!

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