Do you count yourself among the shopaholic list? Do you get tempted to exceed your budget every time you visit a shopping mall? We know it’s hard to put a check on your adrenalin rush, whenever you come across any attractive item behind the glassware and you just end up being another Rebecca Bloomwood.

Save Money on Your Shoes

Well, if you’re serious about saving money during purchasing then better go high on fashion. Just take out those pair of towering heels from your closet and wear them whenever you venture out for shopping. May be I’m giving you a flop fashion tip as the occasion is completely inappropriate for heels, but believe me this trick is going to work when it comes to saving money.


The higher your heels are, the smarter the shopper you will be and save money. This has been proved by a study by Brigham Young University. The first reason is quite obvious. When they’ll walk in heels, they are likely to get tired soon and give up on the shopping idea. The other reason follows as this – The study has found out that the shoppers, who are experiencing a painful sense of balance on those towering heels, will try to go for items which fall in the middle of high and low range products.

Let’s make this simpler by going with this example – Let’s say, you’re a bargain hunter and like to explore each and every outlet in the shopping arcade. Considering the Indian roads, you’re surely going to be exhausted after a while and decide to give a break to your shopping venture.

Because of the rugged pathway, your brain will be busy focusing on your balance, you’ll be then less interested in the stores.

The research clearly indicates on how physical factors can hugely influence the shopping decision. It is also found out that women wearing high heels tend to buy cheaper items, while focusing less on high-end labels.

How does this work?

When you’re going to make a vital purchase, your decision becomes directly proportional to your balance i.e. style vs value and features vs price to name a few. In a bid to maintaining that balance, ends up in compromising with specs keeping you under budget.

Jeffrey S. Larson, Professor at the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University had this to say,

“The concept of balance is connected to the concept of parity or equality, which affects choice. Balancing the scales, balancing a checkbook, balancing your responsibilities—they’re all metaphors for equalizing opposing forces. Priming your brain for balance will help you see that the smaller, cheaper version of the product you want isn’t all that different from the top-of-the-line model you can’t afford.”

So, if you’re someone, who tends to overspend then this is the best trick to apply. I’ve already decided to go for my Diwali shopping in heels, are you?

Shop hearty!



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